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Concrete Floors for Restroom Buildings

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Romtec designs and supplies public restroom buildings for all types of applications like parks, campgrounds, and other recreation sites. One of the most common types of flooring in public restroom buildings is concrete. Concrete is durable and affordable, making it a great option for public facilities, but there are some considerations to make before getting cement floors in your public restroom building.

Sealed Concrete Floor in Restroom Interior

Considering Restroom Drainage

One of the first things to consider with concrete flooring is how to handle drainage. Romtec always provides drains for concrete floors. Drains provide easy maintenance and sanitation for restroom buildings, and they are required in most locations. Typically, cement floors are graded to a drain near the center of the restroom that flows into the sanitary system. Drains can also be provided as “trenches” on doorway thresholds or at the rear or sides of the restroom. When considering a “trench” style drain in a doorway, it is important to be cognizant of the tripping hazard this styles of drain can pose with certain types of footwear.

Clean Single Room Restroom Interior

The Application of Floor Finishes and Coatings

The next thing to consider is the application of finishes and/or protective coatings. Protective finishes can protect concrete from stains resulting from urinals, soap dispensers, tracked in mud, and other sources. Protective finishes can also serve as an odor barrier, allowing these floors to be cleansed from unpleasant odors. In addition to these maintenance benefits, many types of epoxy coatings provide slips resistance to smooth concrete. In the event of water on the floor, slip resistant floors can make a restroom much safer for occupants.

In addition to these benefits, finishes and coatings can be used to improve the appearance of your restroom building. Concrete floors are utilitarian by nature, but that does not mean that they have to be ugly or unappealing. There are many, many types of coatings for concrete floors, ranging from clear coats to colors and patterns. Concrete flooring can even be dyed before they are poured, providing an opportunity to get colored concrete floors without an epoxy. Romtec will get your building the exact finish you need to have affordable concrete floors that will look great for years to come.

Sealed Concrete Floor in Restroom

Finally, use a company with experience for getting concrete floors. Concrete is a great flooring material and offers owners a lot of benefits. However, it can be unforgiving to mistakes. Make sure you use a company like Romtec that provides precise documentation and complete building plans and drawings to ensure that the cement is poured correctly the first time. Contact Romtec today to see all the options we can provide to get your public restroom building the exact flooring you want!

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  1. Hey there. I just realized how concrete flooring works well in bathrooms for the same reasons that ceramic tile is so suitable for the same space—it is simple to clean, and it cannot be damaged by water. How amazing is that? Not shockingly, the same drawbacks associated with ceramic tile apply as well to concrete. Still, we can’t deny the fact that concrete is affordable and reasonable at the same time. That makes it an excellent option for public restroom buildings.

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