Individual Shower Rooms for Campground

Del Valle Regional Park – Shower Restroom

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Restroom Shower with Colored CMU Block Wainscot
Shower Restroom with Utility Sink
Shower Restroom with Private Entry

The Project

The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) required a turnkey replacement shower restroom building for the Del Valle Regional Park located near Livermore, California. The turnkey replacement building needed to meet the design standards of EBRPD while also meeting the needs of the park visitors who use it every day. Del Valle Regional Park is a popular destination for camping, swimming, boating, and exploring the vast network of trails in the area. The new turnkey replacement building would primarily be used by the family campgrounds in the park and would see a high volume of traffic each day from campers going to and from Del Valle Lake. Accessible features in both the restroom and shower would also need to be included in the design. EBRPD also needed to address issues with wildlife damaging wooden roof structures on their buildings in the park. Finally, one of the defining requirements for this project was the quick timeline the building needed to be completed by.

The Solution

Romtec is familiar with the style and standards of the EBPRD, after working together on many building projects over the years. The unique requirements of this project called for a shower and restroom building for a high traffic application serving both campers and swimmers in the park. One half of the building is dedicated to four single-user, private shower rooms, while men’s and women’s multiuser restrooms are in the other half of the building. One of the four shower rooms is designed as ADA compliant and includes an accessible and easy to maintain shower unit and fold-up shower bench. The center of the building is dedicated as a large mechanical room that provides access to all of the plumbing in the building and can be used for storage of cleaning supplies and toiletries onsite. Romtec worked closely with planners from EBPRD throughout this project to create a custom design that would meet the needs of this popular recreation destination. This custom floor plan was created for this application by reconfiguring one of the Romtec standard models. Metal roofing was chosen for this application to prevent wildlife – in this case woodpeckers – from damaging the structure and meet fire safety requirements. Romtec was able to provide turnkey replacement services for the new shower restroom building at Del Valle Regional Park in time for its summer camping season. Contact Romtec today for more information about our complete offering of building products and installation services!

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