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Design-Build Procurement Method

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The design-build delivery method continues to build in popularity as it saves time and money while providing the best value to the end owner.

Unlike the traditional design-bid-build method, the design-build method requires entities that can handle constructional aspects of the design to make proposals. Therefore, this method weeds out the companies that can’t handle the design on top of the construction as well as any other site work.

The traditional procurement method of design-bid-build can often lead to overpriced designs, designs without knowledge of material accessibility, along with disagreements and finger-pointing from different players on the project when something doesn’t go as planned. Ultimately these lead to a project failing or an unhappy owner due to change orders or other issues that take away from the end result.

Romtec is a design-build company that can complete a design-build project directly with owners or as a key member of a team for a bigger overall project like Memorial Park. For the Memorial Park project, Romtec replaced eight buildings through the design-build method with San Mateo County after going through an interview process verifying our experience and expertise in this field. We provided the design, supply, and construction of the various buildings in preparation for the parks 100th year anniversary as it’s a popular community campground.

When it comes to park and recreation buildings or pump systems (Romtec Utilities) we have the team in place to design and build a project from start to finish.

With current labor shortages, this can have a huge impact on the success of a larger project. Using Romtec or RU gives us the responsibility to complete the entire project from start to finish. We handle design, demolition, procurement of materials, abatement, identifying utilities, connected utilities, and construction of the buildings at a quick pace. This can help with consistency if building several structures within a park system or individual park.

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Looking For an All-in-One Option

The traditional bid process has various issues that have made it harder to get the best value on small to mid-range projects. Problems with the bidding process are incompetent contractors, change orders, and ultimately, dissatisfied owners.

Design-build reduces finger pointing and drives real collaboration within a defined budget as there is mutual agreement on the schedule among stakeholders.

At Romtec we have the experience and expertise to deliver a design-build project that will add value, time, and flexibility back to the end owner. We understand the supply chain issues and help advise our clients on early ordering for longer lead-time items to help with coordination and scheduling.

Design-build narrows the number of companies who can compete and who are capable of designing and building while also being responsible for the overall project.

Brown Campground Shower and Restroom Building

A New Solution that Provides Intuitive Value

Romtec is positioned to help provide this design-build delivery option to any owner or government entity. We have the experience and the team to take on a pump station or park and recreation building that allows you to focus on other aspects of the overall project.

This new concept of delivering projects saves on time as projects get completed quicker with more collaboration in design-build. It saves money and lowers the investment on plans development which has bogged down the traditional bid process.

It provides design flexibility as material availability is brought into the planning process. Adding material flexibility, design build provides greater flexibility to change part “x” to part “y” which is more critical than ever in the current environment.

With labor and supply chain shortages, utilizing the design-build method can not only add value to the final project but also drive real collaboration within a defined budget.

Contact us today to see how this design-build method can fit with your next project and the many ways it can benefit the final product and end owner.

Two Room Vault Restroom at Trailhead

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