Attractive Restroom with Lap Siding and Stone Wainscoting

Meeting a Consistent Design Standard

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Romtec can design buildings to meet the needs of any project. When the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) needed to replace aging restrooms at several key rest stops, they came to Romtec to get new restroom buildings. For the NMDOT, rest stops are an important feature of their highway system, and providing attractive buildings with cultural design themes has always been a priority. On projects like these, Romtec provides the design expertise needed to get reliable and attractive buildings designed to match specific themes while also meeting all applicable codes and standards.

Attractive Restroom with Lap Siding and Stone Wainscoting

Providing Materials to Fit the Park Theme

NMDOT views their rest areas as cultural resources for tourists and people traveling through the state, so it was important for them to get new buildings that demonstrate the architectural themes of the region. These themes include elements like stucco, stone, Spanish tile, flat roofs, and other Southwest elements. Romtec can design buildings with any components required by the customer following our design standard. Our experience in the construction industry (especially with restrooms) gives our customers the opportunity to get the designs they need while saving money over other methods.

NMDOT Rest Area Restroom with Colored Stucco

Meeting Codes and Requirements for Each Location

The other substantial design aspect of new restroom buildings is making sure they meet all the applicable codes and requirements for its location. Romtec designed every building to meet ADA requirements for accessibility. Many of the buildings for NMDOT include “family restrooms,” which are basically a large private restroom. These rooms are great for doing anything from changing a baby’s diaper to nursing a carsick child to assisting a person with disabilities. These additional private restrooms offer a valuable space for travelers with special circumstances, and adding these rooms was a valuable design consideration for NMDOT.

Large Multi-User Restroom with Board and Batten

When designing multiple buildings, Romtec can provide identical buildings, or as was the case with NMDOT, Romtec can also provide unique building designs that adhere to a consistent theme. Contact Romtec today to learn more about our design standards and to see how we can help your building project meet its special or unique requirements.

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