Porcelain Sinks in Restroom Interior

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Porcelain Sinks in Restroom Interior

Romtec Inc. offers different styles of plumbing fixtures for pre-engineered restroom buildings. The three main types of fixtures are traditional china fixtures, stainless steel fixtures, and energy efficient fixtures. Each of these options will bring unique benefits to a restroom building. Understanding the needs of your facility and the qualities of each fixture type will benefit a restroom building in many ways.

China Fixtures

Vitreous china fixtures are what most people call porcelain and are made of ceramics. This type of fixture has been ubiquitous in restrooms since the invention of the toilet. The advantages of china fixtures are so proven that these fixtures have barely changed in 100 years. In fact, looking at sinks and toilets more than 200-years-old would be completely recognizable.

China fixtures have endured for a few good reasons. They are inexpensive to manufacture; they are rigid and durable; they experience low heat-transfer; they are relatively nonporous; they are also nice-looking. These qualities provide an optimal material for most any application. However, china fixtures can be easily vandalized.

Stainless Steel Fixtures

Stainless steel plumbing fixtures offer many of the same benefits as china, but they are much more durable. Stainless steel fixtures provide a great solution for restroom buildings where vandalism and graffiti are a problem. They are more expensive to manufacture, but if china fixtures are being replaced frequently, the initial cost of stainless steel will be offset during the life of the restroom building.

Stainless steel fixtures offer a modern aesthetic that is preferred for some restroom buildings. This material is also inhospitable for the growth of germs and bacteria, making cleaning and maintenance simple. These advantages are mostly unique to stainless steel, so for some restroom facility owners, the extra cost will be justifiable to gain these benefits.

Energy Efficient Fixtures

Energy efficient plumbing fixtures encompass a broad range of products that provide different benefits to energy use or waste reduction. There are many different technologies that vary in price and materials to benefit energy efficiency. Some of these fixtures include low-flow toilets, dual-flush toilets, air hand-dryers, motion sensor faucets, or low-flow/aerating faucets. For projects that are working toward LEED certification, including energy efficient fixtures can help earn points.

Another benefit to using energy efficient fixtures is that the cost per use is lower for this type. The cost of operation for a restroom facility can be reduced greatly in terms of water and power costs or even material costs such as paper towels. These types of savings can offset the initial cost of energy efficient fixtures, and some jurisdictions may even provide incentives for using them.

If you have more questions about the types of plumbing fixtures that Romtec offers, please contact us anytime! You can also click here to get budgetary pricing on restroom buildings with different plumbing fixtures.

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  1. After dealing with a mold issue in my bathroom last week, I was thinking of getting it remodeled soon, which is why I need new plumbing fixtures installed to prevent this problem from happening again. I’m glad you told us that stainless steel fixtures are inhospitable for the growth of germs and bacteria, so they are quite easy to clean and maintain. I’ll be sure to take note of this while I look for a contractor in Las Vegas that I can contact soon for the new bathroom fixtures I need to be installed soon.

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