Case Study: Napa Golf Course at Kennedy Park Napa, CA

The Project

The City of Napa needed an improvement in their existing restroom facility on their popular golf course at Kennedy Park where more than 30,000 rounds of golf are played each year. The Napa Municipal Golf Course at Kennedy Park serves the residents of Napa as well as numerous visitors touring wineries through the Napa Valley. The existing restroom on the course near the 16th tee needed to be replaced due to it being out of service for several years. They wanted a compact restroom design that would be easy to maintain and be equipped with a storage/mechanical room to store their equipment and cleaning supplies. They wanted a design to fit right in with the beautiful landscape of the Napa Municipal Golf Course.

The Solution

Romtec had the perfect restroom in mind that would meet all the requirements the park was wanting. Romtec designed a custom concrete Sierra II model restroom with a storage room for their cleaning supplies and equipment just as it was requested. The design of this golf course restroom needed to be functional, unobtrusive, and compact and that is exactly what Romtec achieved with this building. For the City of Napa, this concrete restroom was a low-cost solution for adding amenities to its popular golf course while still providing agreeable aesthetics.

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