Large Log Post Pavilion by River

Featured Project: South Mountain Recreation Complex

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Large Log Post Pavilion by River

The installation of two new Romtec structures was recently completed at a renovated reservoir in Orange, New Jersey. Essex County funded the project at the South Mountain Recreation Complex, and it includes a number of park improvements that add recreation and entertainment opportunities to attract visitors to the county. In addition to the recreation complex improvements, a Romtec restroom building and a large log pavilion were included in the project.

Unique Restroom with Skirl Siding

The New Restroom Design

Essex County selected French and Parrello Associates to design the complete project. French and Parrello had worked with Romtec on previous building projects in New Jersey and chose to specify Romtec to manufacture its new restroom design. One aspect of the design that French and Parrello wanted for both new structures was to include aesthetic options to match a prominent building nearby. These features include log posts, stone wall footers, and a combination of composite shingle and metal roofing. Romtec was able to meet the French and Parrello design and get specified on the restroom project.

Nautical Theme Pavilion on Resevoir

Design Standards for the Log Pavilion

For the log pavilion, similar design standards were used, but Romtec was not specified on the structure. Instead, Shauger Properties was chosen as the contractor for the project, so Romtec proposed a package for the 30′ x 60′ log pavilion. Shauger Properties also worked with Romtec on previous projects, so it selected the Romtec package for the log pavilion based on past experience and the quality of our packages. Romtec met the design standards for this very large log pavilion which also included a number of nautical themes to relate to a new boat launch. The boat launch near the pavilion allows visitors to rent several styles of paddle boats to explore the reservoir.

Covered Entryway Double Restroom

This project is a great story for Romtec and for Essex County. This demonstrates a customer with clear design preferences on a high-profile project getting the exact structure it wanted. It also demonstrates Romtec’s ability to work with agencies like French and Parrello Associates and Shauger Properties on multiple successful projects to build a good working relationship. By meeting all types of preferences, specifications, and budgets, Romtec has developed valuable working relationships that span the entire country to provide the nation’s best in public facilities.

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