Romtec Wood Shop on Fire

Fire at Romtec

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Romtec Wood Shop on Fire

Last night, a fire broke out in the Romtec wood shop. The fire started after working hours, and thankfully, no Romtec employees or emergency personnel were injured. We would like to extend our gratefulness to the Glide Rural Fire Protection District and Douglas County Fire District No. 2 for their work in containing the fire and minimizing the damage.

Thank you to all the fire fighters involved. We at Romtec are very appreciative of the help provided in this incident and for the dangerous work that takes place every day. Again, thank you!

The fire damage was not severe, claiming a work station and a number of power tools. There is smoke damage to the building and additional damages from the immense heat, but the damages do not include any current Romtec project materials and will not noticeably slow our production. With the amount of potential for this fire to take off in a wood shop, we are all feeling very fortunate this morning.

The initial findings at the scene suggest that the fire started as a result of a faulty battery charger or power strip on the docking station. The appropriate personnel are currently working with the local fire department to assess how this fire began and how future incidents can be avoided. Several measures of caution have already been discussed and are being carried out immediately. This incident will surely increase our attentiveness to the current conditions throughout our facilities to ensure that this and other types of accidents do not occur at Romtec.

Thank you for those people who have expressed well-wishes and concern, and thanks again to all the fire fighters.

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