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Romtec has expertise designing, manufacturing, supplying, and installing our complete line of buildings and structures, but we also offer our customers more unique expertise with the ability to help create bid specification proposals. Our sales, engineering, and documentation departments can help all types of customers get the accurately defined documents needed to create a bid specification proposal. Our typical process for helping create a bid spec takes five steps: preliminary design drawing, budgetary pricing, proposal specification, quoting contractors & contracting with the awarded bidder, and construction of the building.

Timber Post Pavilion and Restroom

The Preliminary Design for New Buildings and Structures

The first step is to create a preliminary design for a new building or structure. This initial design phase focuses on getting your building planned with all of the design features needed to get a functional, attractive, and affordable building. Another aspect of this phase is choosing the correct specification language to include in the documentation. These language choices will include phrases such as packaged building supplier, turnkey building package, owner supplied, or better than or equal. Depending on the specific goals, this language will help get your project the best bids to evaluate.

Custom Octagon Restroom Building

The Budgetary Pricing

Next the budgetary pricing for the building or structure is estimated. Many of these numbers are advised upon during the preliminary design phase based on Romtec’s experience with specific products and building materials. Other budgetary considerations such as freight are included in the estimate. All of the specification documents generated after this point are based off of the approved preliminary designs and cost estimates.

Matching Concession and Restroom Buildings

The Proposal Specification Package

During the third step, the approved preliminary design gets reviewed by the engineering and documentation departments to develop a detailed proposal specification package. This document provides a complete overview of your project and clearly defines the design, product specs, and scope of work for Romtec and the awarded contractor. This document allows bidders to accurately evaluate the project specification and bid only the particular areas of the scope specified for the installing contractor. This process also allows the quick review of all incoming bids to evaluate the packages accurately and quickly.

Stucco Siding Custom Bathroom

The Bidding Process

Once the specification document is put out to bid, Romtec quotes the bidding contractors based on the design and scope developed and included in the bid specification. Depending on the language used in the specification, this can be a straightforward process, or it can include negotiations with bidding contractors to arrive at agreeable terms for their bid. Romtec always abides by the legal bidding process while trying to meet the expectations of both the project specification and the bidding contractors. When a bid is awarded the project, Romtec contracts with the awarded contractor to meet its quote and the project specification that was bid.

Inclusive Restroom for Inclusive Playground

The Construction per the Specifications

With the final legal agreement between Romtec and the installing contractor, your building gets built per the specification that was developed and awarded. The process that leads to this point ensures that the installation is fast and free of surprises. The agreed upon bid and specification are so detailed that projects typically experience no confusion and are completed without any unforeseen difficulties or setbacks.

Romtec is an expert designer, manufacturer, supplier, and installer of many different types of buildings and structures, but increasingly, we also offer customers added value through our documentation for public bidding. We also work with contractor to bid “or equal” projects that do not specify a Romtec building. Contractors are often so impressed with the totality of our documentation that they find it easier to develop accurate and profitable bids by working through a Romtec building package than to bid different specification. Whether you’re a contractor or project manager, contact our sales staff to learn how we can help your bid project get done fast and affordably.

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