Gatehouse for Entrance Fee Payments

Getting Matching Buildings through Romtec

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Gatehouse for Entrance Fee Payments

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs many different buildings and structural products. From restrooms to ski lodges, Romtec has worked on projects in all types of applications, and many of the best completed projects utilize Romtec for all of the structural requirements. As a design-build firm, Romtec can meet all types of structural needs in many different applications across the country. With hundreds of standard designs and affordable custom work, Romtec can provide great matching buildings and structures to bring a cohesive style to any park or recreation site.

Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, CA

Cost Efficient Plumbed Restrooms

Point Pinole is a large public park on the Eastern shoreline of the San Pablo Bay in California. The 2,315-acre park offers hiking trails, fishing, playgrounds, horseshoe pits, picnic areas, horse trails, and biking. There is also a group campsite available. A large renovation effort recently took place to expand and improve the park. The East Bay Regional Park District added many new amenities for parks visitors and staff.

Unique Gatehouse with Restroom Inside

One part of the project included adding a new restroom building and an office/gatehouse for the park staff. EBRPD has worked with Romtec on many different projects, and they understood our full capabilities. This allowed them to specify all of their project goals with confidence that they would get the exact buildings they wanted at Point Pinole. In the end, Romtec supplied two matching buildings with a 4-room restroom building and a combined gatehouse and office building.

South Mountain Reservation, NJ

Attractive Log Post Pavilion on River Bank

South Mountain Reservation is a large natural reserve in the heart of Essex County, New Jersey, providing over 2,100 acres of recreational land. Romtec has previously supplied buildings for a zoo and a miniature golf course at the North end of the reserve. This park, however, offers many other recreational opportunities, including the Orange Reservoir. In recent years, Essex County embarked to add new facilities to the reservoir that would match a prominent existing structure.

Unique Restroom with Skirl Siding

This total project had a large scope for the County, and it included a large log pavilion and a new restroom buildings. A second, larger restroom building was added to the scope of the project after the popularity of the site required more restrooms. The log pavilion and the two restroom buildings all include unique roofing that pairs composite shingles with an edge of green metal roofing. The two restrooms also have matching siding called “skirl siding” that was a common option in coastal town on the East Coast. Essex County got three structures that all matched its facility and added many new capabilities to the South Mountain Reservation.

Echo Canyon Summit Trail, AZ

Curved Metal Roof with Green Accents

The Echo Canyon Summit Trail is a very popular hiking attraction for visitors and residents of Phoenix, Arizona. This trail allows hikers to summit Camelback Mountain that overlooks all of Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, and on to Glendale and Mesa. The Echo Canyon Summit Trail is a 2.5-mile round-trip hike and it takes hikers on a climb of over 1,200 feet. The popularity of the hike was causing headaches for residents living near the trailhead as there was no good parking. The led to parked cars glutting the streets of the neighborhoods around the mountain. The City of Phoenix stepped up to improve the park.

Gatehouse Controlling Entry to Park

Adding parking was a central priority for the project, but the City also wanted to provide restrooms, a shade structure for hikers, and a gatehouse to monitor the new parking lot. This project was intended to provide relief to the surrounding neighborhood, but it also provided hikers with water, restrooms, and sanctuary from the strong Arizona sunshine. Romtec designed all three of the structures for this project, each structure included design elements to match the others. The most prominent feature on these structures is the curved metal roofs, but they also include painted metal beams, colored block, and textured block layouts.

On large projects with multiple structural requirements, Romtec excels at designing and supplying buildings that match each other and that match the characteristics of the application. Many projects have succeeded by using Romtec with an expanded scope beyond only a restroom building. Although Romtec began as a restroom company, customers can rely on Romtec to function as a design-build firm for many types of buildings and structures. Working through a single agency in this manner is a great way for projects to get all of the buildings and structures it needs.

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