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Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Considerations

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Romtec makes sure that our customers get the comfort and functionality they need by supplying a complete range of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) options on our buildings. Circulating clean air is an important function of any restroom building, and it can also be as important to consider functional –and even comfortable– temperatures. Deciding how to provide these qualities and what technologies to use can be challenging, but Romtec will help you get the best of both worlds during the design of your building.

Restroom Interior with HVAC Fan

Ventilation in a Restroom Building

Although it is second in the HVAC acronym, ventilation is probably the most important consideration for air in a restroom building. Venting a restroom with clean air not only improves the satisfaction of occupants but also their safety as well. In a worse-case scenario, sewer gasses are able to enter a restroom through the plumbing. This might be caused by a blockage in the line, overuse, or by some other failure in the infrastructure. In certain concentrations, these sewer gasses are dangerous as being both explosive and dangerous to breathe. Even in lower concentrations these gasses can cause significant respiratory irritations for some people. Although these scenarios are relatively unlikely, it is still mandated nationally that proper ventilation be included in the design of a restroom building.

Romtec offers many different design options for restroom ventilation. We can include louvered wall vents, gable mesh vents, and many different types of exhaust fans. These can be selected to meet the goals of your project and your local code requirements/design standards. Proper ventilation can result in a dramatic improvement in the perception of a restroom building. Many people directly associate the smell of a restroom with its cleanliness, so providing ample ventilation for odors can be an easy way to improve occupant’s satisfaction with your facilities.

Kick Proof Wall Vent

Heating and Cooling a Restroom Building

The other aspects of HVAC are heating and cooling the air, and this is not just a facet of comfort. Heating can be required in some locations to prevent pipes from overnight freezing in the building’s mechanical room. In this scenario, the HVAC requirements are typically straightforward because the energy requirements for preventing freezing are relatively low. When heating and air conditioning units are used to treat the air for comfort, there are additional safety requirements that typically need to be met because of the increase energy needs.

Ventilation Unit on Exterior of Restroom

Romtec works with every client to balance these two design requirements. On the one hand, the building needs to circulate fresh air with the air inside the building. On the other hand, the air inside the building might need to be conditioned to a comfortable temperature. Identifying the proper code requirements, available components, and the size of the space will all be important considerations to make sure that your goals are met in an energy efficient and economical way. In addition to traditional HVAC technologies, options such as an air exchange unit or radiant floor heating can be excellent options to consider for the long term functionality of your building.

When considering an HVAC system on a restroom building, Romtec recommends prioritizing considerations like safety, functionality, comfort, cost, and energy usage to find the right building design for your projects. Contact our staff today to see what types of HVAC system can work for your project, or you can see some of our HVAC projects in the Design Solutions section.

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