Custom Waterless Restroom for Historical Zone

High Quality Vault Restrooms & Remote Areas

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Custom Waterless Restroom for Historical Zone

Romtec was founded by pioneering vault restrooms and the technology that vastly improved their functionality over 40 years ago. In the wilderness and other remote locations, one shortcoming was that there were no true restroom facilities available, only less pleasant options. Classic outhouses were a praised resource in these areas, and the innovations completed by the United States Forest Service and Romtec greatly advanced vault restrooms and their usability. These buildings no longer needed to be barebones, utilitarian structures that detract from the beauty (and smell) of their locations. Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs vault restroom buildings as unique additions for their specific surroundings.

Steep Pitch Roof on Waterless Restroom

Conserving Natural Beauty with Vault Restrooms

The wilderness always is an opportunity for people to get outside and explore the world around them. As urban areas continue to expand, more and more people are visiting state parks and other outdoor recreational areas to unwind and experience the natural beauty that these locations offer. Vault restrooms have been a common installation in these areas for years, providing restroom facilities in places without plumbing or sewer infrastructure. These buildings are in some of our most beautiful locations nationally and need to be designed accordingly to enhance the allure of the area. Romtec is skilled in designing and supplying vault restrooms and other buildings with any design features to create a truly unique restroom. We match existing buildings and structures to maintain architectural themes, and we even reflect unique visual elements from the surrounding area in our buildings. There are many applications for vault restrooms where visual design is an important consideration.

Underground construction is not always possible in some applications. Historical sites and golf courses are a great example of this. Any new structural additions to these sites will often not include adding new utility connections below ground. However, providing comfortable restroom facilities in these areas is an important consideration for visitors. Most historic sites, like memorials and monuments, are important locations for the community. These areas are typically designed around a central theme to create a sense of cohesiveness. New additions to these locations often will need to be designed to maintain the aesthetic of the entire site. A similar approach is typically taken in golf courses to maintain a high quality appearance that visitors will enjoy. Although the appearance of vault restrooms is the first thing people see, the functionality of the restroom is another important factor on how well the building is received.

Memorial Site with Custom White Exterior

Solar Powered Lighting for Remote Restrooms

Modern technology in vault restrooms have greatly enhanced the possibilities for these buildings. Although they are often off-the-grid and disconnected from both water and sewer connections, this does not eliminate all fixtures and hardware options. Solar powered panels are more cost effective and efficient than ever before and can often provide enough power for several light fixtures. Some remote applications would benefit from automatic locks so personnel don’t have to travel onsite every day. Additional restrooms and rooms for storage can easily be included into the design of vault restroom buildings to meet the exact needs of your project. The technology available in vault restrooms is constantly evolving to provide users the best experience in remote locations.

Rustic Log Post Supports on Vault Restroom

Romtec’s Attractive Waterless Restrooms for America’s Treasured Sites

Over the past 40 years, Romtec has played an important role in providing high quality waterless restrooms in some of America’s most treasured locations. Vault restrooms are important buildings that are necessary, but no longer need to be strictly utilitarian constructs. Providing a great looking building for your remote site is a great way to enhance the experience of every visitor who travels to your recreational area. The technology available in these buildings is constantly adapting and can make even the most off-the-grid sites feel comfortable. Contact Romtec today and get started on your high quality vault restroom!

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