Timber Post Kiosk at Trailhead

How Kiosks Can Improve Your Recreation Site

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Romtec is known for our restrooms, concessions, and pavilion structures that have been installed at parks and recreation areas nationwide. In addition to large public structures, Romtec also designs and supplies kiosks that can be used as information boards, community boards, and more. While they’re much smaller than our typical structures, Romtec Kiosks are a versatile addition to any recreation space and can be used in a wide variety of environments to improve guest experience and engagement with your recreation site.

Two Post Timber Kiosk

Custom Design Kiosks

Like all our structures, Romtec kiosks are customizable to meet the needs and aesthetics of the customer. Our kiosks can come in wood and steel options with a variety of roofing choices, and Romtec can incorporate any specialized materials or fixtures that our customer needs. They can also include lighting for better accessibility after dark and incorporate the use of solar panels to achieve an eco-friendly station. Romtec kiosks can be as simple or as complex as our customer needs, and their small footprint makes them easy to install in both busy cities and remote areas that cannot be reached by large trucks.


Check-In Kiosks for Trailheads and Campgrounds

In the great outdoors, Romtec kiosks can be a great addition to campgrounds and trailheads. In campgrounds, kiosks can provide an easy location for campsite information including cost to stay, amenities, important fire safety information, and paperwork/drop boxes for campsite payment. Providing this information in a designated area before the guests enter the campground ensures that guests are aware of any fire restrictions or safety information necessary to stay safe during their stay. A kiosk with a drop box for payments also makes it easier for campgrounds that may not have staff or attendants available at all times and is more convenient for campers.

Pair of Kiosks with on Trail

Safety Information Kiosks for Trailheads

Trailheads are another outdoor recreation site that can benefit from the installation of a kiosk. At the beginning of trail, kiosks can provide hikers with important safety information such as trail condition, animal sightings, trail rules, maps, and guidelines. Safety information and establishing rules and guidelines before setting off onto the trail is important to keeping the public safe, especially in areas that are outside of cell phone range and a long distance from emergency assistance.

Park Kiosk For Posting Information for Visitors

Community Board Kiosks

Kiosks are great resources for information at campsites, trailheads, and other recreation sites away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, but they can also be added to any park or community center in urban areas to provide important community information. Kiosks at community centers or parks can display information about park rules and guidelines; local events such as live music, plays or festivals; club information; or important health information. For use at public pools and swimming sites, kiosks can be an effective place to display water safety rules and provide emergency equipment such as first aid kits, life preservers, rescue rings, and rope. Having these materials on hand and easy to access by everyone can be important when it comes to saving lives.

Six Post Kiosk with Covered Area

Even with their small footprint, Romtec kiosks can be a valuable addition to any recreation site to provide whatever our customers and their guests need. Important information, safety guidelines, and rules are just the beginning; the versatility of Romtec Kiosks opens a variety of opportunities for any recreation site in the United States.

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