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How Romtec Works with Landscape Architects

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Landscape architects are helping to improve parks across America every day. Landscape architects bring expertise to park improvements by blending art, function, and aesthetics into usable green spaces. On many projects, Romtec helps landscape architects by providing our expertise with park restrooms and other structures. This approach is typically very successful because it allows each organization to play to its strengths.

New Sports Park with Concession Restroom

Combining Skills to Create a Beautiful Project

Landscape architects are renowned for attention to beauty and aesthetics, which also needs to be present in the buildings and structures. Romtec understands code requirements, component vendors, ADA compliance, on-site installation, and other design-build knowledge. Additionally, Romtec is well known for supplying some of the nation’s most attractive restroom buildings. Blending these skills together is a great way for parks and rec departments and urban planners to get a great new park with great buildings. It is also a great way for landscape architects to integrate a building into their designs while getting specific expertise on structural design and supply.

Romtec Restroom with Beautiful Landscaping

Providing the Documentation to Accompany Visuals

Another good benefit for landscape architects is that Romtec supplies all the necessary building documentation. This includes complete submittals, specifications, and design drawings. For submitting proposals, landscape architects can simply include the Romtec specification documentation in with their submittals and plans. Before a project, this allows everyone to see what the finished work will look like with the vision of the landscape architect. The Romtec documentation also makes it much easier for building projects to get permitted so that construction timelines can be met.

Turnkey Replacement Restroom for Public Park

Providing Custom Options for Unique Projects

Finally, Romtec offers a near limitless supply of custom options for landscape architects to incorporate into their vision. Some projects will need to include environmentally sustainable products from construction materials to fixtures. Other projects need to include special aesthetic styles such as colors, shapes, or one-of-a-kind exterior siding. Whatever is needed for any particular theme or style, Romtec can supply landscape architects with complete designs and the total buildings supply. Romtec can also provide turnkey installation to integrate into a large construction project.

THPRD- Champions Park

Romtec works with many different types of clients from federal to city organizations and rural to urban, and working with landscape architects is one of the most successful combinations. Check out some of our design capabilities to see how Romtec can help your park building project.

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