Laos Transit Center in Tucson, Arizona

The Project

The City of Tucson in Arizona needed a restroom facility that would serve its busy bus station effectively. Thousands of passengers use the Laos Transit Center daily, and the new restroom needed to handle the heavy usage of daily commuter traffic. The new restroom would also need to be adequately protected from vandalism while remaining open at all hours of the day. Providing public restroom facilities for this many people, while withstanding the harsh conditions of a public bus station is no easy task. It was also important that the new structure match the appearance of existing buildings at the bus station. The City of Tucson had interest in the Sidewalk Restroom as restroom facility that could meet its urban restroom needs.

The Solution

Romtec provided drawings of a Double Sidewalk Restroom model to provide extra capacity with exceptional durability. To combat the tough conditions of the bus station, this steel prefabricated restroom was chosen for its durability, utility, and aesthetic benefits. The restroom’s lack of breakable features and its anti-graffiti coating prevent most vandalism from ever occurring. Any damage that does take place can easily be repaired or replaced by maintenance personnel due to construction with commonly available parts. Lights inside each of the unisex bathrooms act as occupancy indicators turning from green (unoccupied) to blue (occupied). These lights also discourage drug use by making it difficult to “use” intravenous drugs, a common use for many urban restrooms. Finally, Romtec was able to match the color scheme of the Laos Transit Center with a durable powder coat. In these ways, the Sidewalk Restroom was the best choice for this difficult urban environment.

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