Large Maintenance Building with Vehicle Bays

Large Maintenance Buildings

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Romtec now offers large maintenance buildings as our newest product. As the name suggests, these buildings are big, and they are designed to serve a large variety of applications. From fire stations to DOTs, industrial sites to public works, Romtec large maintenance buildings are a great option. These buildings are durable. Each solid concrete structure is constructed onsite with stamped and sealed plans to meet all your local code requirements. Romtec offers robust components like storm doors, security systems, exterior lighting, and other options to protect your facility and your equipment.

Large Maintenance Building with Vehicle Bays

The Sizes of Our Large Maintenance Buildings

Our standard large maintenance buildings range all the way up to over 10,000 sq. ft. of floor space and nearly 18 ft. of roof clearance, and our largest models can be configured with up to 5-bay doors for vehicle storage or truck docking. Romtec also offers 6 smaller models with options for 5 bay doors, 4 bay doors, and 3 bay doors, or you can choose other door options. Our building models are designed to meet the specific needs of each project.

Bear Creek Park in Keller, TX Parks Maintenance Building with Two-Toned CMU Block and a White Roll-Up Door

Functionality for Your Large Maintenance Building

There are many available options to get your building to function exactly as you want it. Romtec can design your building with an added restroom, office space, a covered driveway, control buildings, and more. With our custom design services, your large maintenance building will be the perfect facility for the needs of you or your client.

Concrete Exterior Restroom

Aesthetic Options for Large Maintenance Buildings

In addition to design options, Romtec can configure these large buildings with many different aesthetic options. For applications where these buildings will have a high profile or visibility, Romtec can include many types of siding packages, lighting options, roofing materials, and other visual design features. Romtec also specializes in matching existing buildings and design themes.

Large maintenance buildings are an exciting addition to the Romtec product offering. Not only are these the largest building offered by Romtec, but they also meet the needs of many of our customers. Visit our product page to learn more about these buildings.

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