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Lighting and Electrical Supplies and Services

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Romtec includes complete electrical design drawings and supplies components with every building. There are a wide variety of lighting fixtures and other electrical components available for restrooms and other Romtec structures. Each new building comes with electrical supply components that are ready for installation and designed to meet all codes and requirements.

Roof Mounted Solar Panel

Meeting Electrical Requirements

When Romtec designs a building, our engineers make sure its electrical designs meet NEC, ANSI, ADA, and all other applicable requirements. Each state might also have codes that are applicable to the electrical designs of a building. Using Romtec as your design-build firm gives you a national designer and manufacturer familiar with state and local requirements across the country. Our in-house engineers make sure your building’s electrical system is designed to be functional, dependable, and safe for many years to come.

Optional Electrical Components

There are a wide variety of electrical components available for a Romtec building. Some choices are aesthetic, like the type of light fixtures used for interior and exterior lighting. Some choices are functional, like water heaters, HVAC, and hand dryers. Other components reflect the culture of the owner’s building management preferences. These involve optional building components like solar packages, door lock timers, and occupancy lights. The number of electrical components that have been or could be used by Romtec is limitless, so our sales and engineering staff will help you choose which components will make your building a success.

The expert documentation provided by Romtec makes sure the installation of your building’s electrical system is simple. Our building plans include electrical component drawings and elevations. Our scope of supply documents list out the complete supply package for your buildings electrical components. Using our provided installation documents, Romtec buildings are easy for your contractor and electrician to install.

Call our sales staff at 541-496-3541 to learn more about all the lighting and electrical components offered by Romtec.

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