Extra Large Beachfront Log Pavilion

Log Post Buildings & Structures with Romtec

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Extra Large Beachfront Log Pavilion

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings and structures for all types of applications across the country. Our comprehensive design-build process allows us to use any construction materials to meet the vision of our customers. Log posts have a unique ability to impart a timeless quality to buildings and structures that makes them a great choice for historic areas and remote sites. Over the years our wood craftsmen have become very experienced working with log posts and the best practices for preparing them for engineered buildings and structures.

Rustic Log Post Pavilion with Benches and Rails

Log posts are one of the oldest construction materials humans have used. Wood offers exceptional strength with a lighter footprint than metal and stone alternatives. Today, log posts are still used for construction, but are often selected because of the aesthetic value they bring to the structure or to match existing buildings onsite. Their durability is extremely impressive and some of the longest standing structures in the world were constructed with log posts, like the Nothnagle Cabin in Gibbstown, New Jersey, which was originally constructed in 1638. Bending this timeless material to our needs requires an exceptional amount of expertise in woodworking.

Working with log posts and engineering drawings, our craftsmen create all types of pavilions, shelters, and building additions. Each structure is unique, and our customers have the option of hiding all conjoining hardware from view, like bolts and brackets. In some applications, it is visually pleasing to see the metal brackets exposed next to rustic logs to draw contrast. One of the most impressive aspects of our log post pavilions are the notched joints. Our woodworkers scribe and notch each log post to create a perfect connecting joint at each overlapping area. These recesses are called out according to the engineer’s drawing to create a fully engineered log post structure that will adhere to all building codes & requirements.

Log Pavilion Prefabrication

The nature of log posts and the techniques used to create the structure can sometimes lead to complications during installation. To counter that we prepare and assemble the entire structure in-house prior to shipping it to the customer. This enables us to correct any issues that may not have been apparent without first putting together the structure. For larger structures with exceptionally complicated construction, Romtec will send a construction adviser to the job site to answer questions regarding the installation. Another option is to opt for our turnkey construction services to get the complete pavilion from the design stage to the finished structure with Romtec.

Trail Head Pavilion with Natural Log Posts

Log posts in architecture are timeless. Their robust properties and aesthetic value make them a great choice for any building or structure, but they are especially suited for natural areas and historic sites. Romtec’s dedicated craftsmen work with our engineering team to combine the best of modern engineering and log post construction to meet the requirements of any project. Call Romtec today to learn more about how log posts can be used in your building or structure project!

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