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Romtec Woodshop Manufacturing Advantages

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Romtec has a dedicated woodshop at our manufacturing facilities to fabricate all types of standard and custom structural and aesthetic wood components. Many of our buildings and structures include wood components that are manufactured at Romtec. This is a great advantage for our customers because these components arrive onsite ready for installation. There are many different capabilities and advantages provided by Romtec’s woodshop. Here are some of the most interesting.

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Providing Custom Wood Components

The Romtec woodshop has the ability to manufacture a wide variety of custom wood components and structures. Day to day, there are many projects that require wood components configured for our standard model configurations, but there are also a number of projects that require custom manufacturing. The Romtec woodshop can fabricate standard and custom wood components for all of our buildings, pavilions, kiosks, and other products. This can include features such as privacy screen, windbreaks, handrails, tables, benches, porches, and more. Whatever wood components you need in logs, posts, lumber, and more, Romtec can manufacture it all.

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Fabricating Log Components

The fabrication of log components can be done with consistency and precision in Romtec’s woodshop. Our craftsmen are experienced at fabricating logs as structural components, safety features, aesthetic elements, furniture, and other building features. Fabricating logs requires a specific talent for several elements including joinery and finishing. Romtec is able to manufacture and supply all types of log components that will look great, fit the design requirements, and last for years to come. Log components from Romtec will also be entirely pre-fitted for trouble free on-site installation.

Most of the wood components manufactured at the Romtec woodshop are prefabricated before delivery. Some log components also are prefabricated. Typically, prefabrication is completed for all our log glulam trusses. That way these components can be installed directly from the truck at delivery. Other wood features such as the siding packages for our SST® Original and Traditional restroom models are prefabricated and preinstalled prior to delivery. Our woodshop also prefabricates some roof sections with tongue and groove decking. Prefabricating these components saves our customer money during the installation process.

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There are many different types of wood components manufactured in the Romtec woodshop, and our customers get many benefits from these manufacturing capabilities. Each project can get exactly the wood features it needs with our tremendous abilities for developing custom components. Log fabrication is a unique skill that requires experienced craftsmen to provide. Prefabrication and fitting saves substantial time onsite during the installation of wood components. Contact Romtec today about your project to learn more reasons about how our woodshop can help get you the best building available.

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