Beach Pavilion with Log Post

Log Structures and Additions with Romtec

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Log Post Pavilion and Picnic Tables

Romtec constructs a variety of structures and building additions out of logs. Log construction with Romtec is a great way to add iconic and rustic aesthetics to any park, campground, trailhead, or rest area. Romtec can manufacture a large breadth of log products and does so through a sustainable approach.

The most noteworthy of Romtec’s log products are our hand-wrought log pavilions. These structures can be configured from modest to very large structures, but no matter the size, our log pavilions provide a visually striking structure to any facility. Log pavilions also go great with log benches and tables. These products are also available through Romtec.

Log Features and Accents

We also use logs as features and accents to our buildings. You can improve the looks of any Romtec building by adding features such as log siding, log porches, log handrails, or log privacy screens. You can also add accents like log posts, log fences, or log partitions. All of these log products add natural elements that add to the rustic character of your park.

Sustainably-Harvested Logs

Our log products are not only stylish but utilize sustainably harvested logs. A common concern with using logs as a construction material is the conservation of natural resources. Romtec gets its logs from green standing-deads, also referred to as “snags.” These logs come from trees that died from natural causes but have not begun to decompose. Removal of these snags is also a common practice of good forest management.

Romtec employs Oregon craftsmen to harvest and construct our log products. Using time-acquired skill and true artistry each product is prefabricated with seamless notch joinery to provide easy on-site installation. These craftsmen use Douglas Fir logs that are hand peeled and sealed to ensure their longevity.

There is a multitude of ways that Romtec can use logs to either build structures or improve our building models. These are a few popular applications that Romtec commonly supplies, but if you have any other ideas for how to use logs on your building, Romtec has the capabilities to make it happen. Check out some good photos of our log construction. Contact our Sales Team today see how to add log features to your project.

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