Maintenance Room with Utility Sink

Mechanical and Storage Rooms from Romtec

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Many of Romtec’s standard plumbed restroom models include mechanical rooms. These rooms offer several benefits for restroom owners and maintenance personnel, and some customers may find it helpful to include an extended mechanical room in their restroom layout or design standards. Romtec mechanical rooms serve several purposes and can also provide custom components to serve the needs of each individual application.

Maintenance and Storage Room

Room for Restroom Utilities

First off, mechanical rooms contain and protect the restroom utilities. The building utilities typically include the water pipes, drain pipes, water heater, circuit breaker, and HVAC units. Other important components that are frequently located in the mechanical room are door lock timing devices, solar power tie-ins, buildings alarms, and exterior light timers. The mechanical room provides a secure and accessible space to inspect and maintain all of the utility components on a restroom building.

Mechanical rooms provide even more benefits when there are attached showers or concessions to a restroom building. Concessions and showers both include more utilities and maintenance needs than a restroom only building. In most applications, these types of buildings will require more storage space, not only for cleaning supplies but for replacements parts or product storage. Larger mechanical rooms are often requested for these types of facilities.

Storage Room for Maintenance Equipment

Other frequent design criteria for restroom mechanical rooms are adding storage space and utility sinks. Romtec can provide several types of storage containers and shelves depending on the specific needs. For many rural restrooms, extra storage in the mechanical room is valuable, but storage can be required at any facility. Utility sinks are very common additions to mechanical rooms, providing space for maintenance personnel to use separate cleaning utilities.

Housing Custom Components

In some applications, mechanical rooms can be used to house custom components. One example is the integration of splash pad controls into a restroom building. Splash pads are popular additions in many cities, but locating the electrical controls can be difficult to locate. A splash pad restroom provides both public facilities, and a great place to locate pumps and electrical controls for the splash pad.

The standard Romtec building designs include mechanical rooms of four feet and eight feet, but these rooms can be configured at any size to store larger components even including generators or vehicles. Check out our restroom models to see if a standard or custom Romtec model is suitable for your project.

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