Rest Area in Arid Climate

New Mexico Department of Transportation Rest Areas

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Romtec has designed and supplied public restrooms for department of transportation (DOT) rest stops nationally, and one of the most interesting locations for DOT rest stops is in New Mexico. Part of NMDOTs success is identified by the finished project and what you see at the rest area, but another part of its success is identified by the culture of the department and its mission to deliver high-quality rest stops with attractive, regionally themed buildings and restrooms.

New Mexico DOT Rest Area Restroom

Aesthetic Designs for Rest Areas

Often times, providing rest stops can be viewed as a compulsory need of a state. Safe, hygienic, durable, and easily maintained restrooms are always valued, but there is not always the budget available to include aesthetic considerations in the building designs. In working with the NMDOT on many projects, Romtec has seen that it is committed to providing great facilities that function well and look great, but it also views rest stops as a real opportunity to help people traveling in New Mexico.

Stucco Rest Area Restroom

Providing Excellent Roadsite Facilities

It is no secret that in New Mexico it can get hot. It also is not surprising that New Mexico has vast arid lands without natural or manmade shelters. On the highway, this combination of features can be dangerous for a breakdown. As such, the NMDOT views rest stops as the best way to offer travelers protection on its highway system. The rest areas include restrooms, maintenance buildings, and shade structures where travelers can hide from the sun. This view of rest stops as being of more value than simply a necessity of transportation management is one of the reasons why NMDOT provide such excellent roadside facilities.

Highway Restroom with Colored Stucco

Matching Design Features to Existing Structures

The other side of the Department’s success can be seen by how great the finished facilities look. The NMDOT has clear design preferences that include providing adequate facilities and also providing regional aesthetics that draw interest to the culture and history of the state. The design features have been represented through common applications such as stucco, stone, and natural wood elements. On many projects, the new Romtec public restroom buildings were designed to match existing structures onsite that also included these design features.

Large Stucco and Stone Public Bathroom

Romtec has maintained a long relationship with the NMDOT because it values design expertise and the ability to manufacture and deliver buildings that fit its needs. Romtec has also provided lower cost maintenance buildings for NMDOT managed facilities. This is the type of design versatility that is valuable for DOTs across the country: providing attractive, site-specific design features on one project while designing value-engineered, low-cost buildings for another. Romtec can design any type of maintenance building, control building, office, or garage as well as our public restroom facilities for DOTs across the country.

If you’re ever driving through New Mexico, take the time to appreciate the efforts the State puts into its public facilities. Instead of utilitarian buildings, you will find attractive structures that preserve and emphasize the culture and history of the region. Romtec is proud to be a part of any project for the NMDOT, and we think anyone can see why.

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