Cost Effective Steel Post and Fabric Amphitheater

New Romtec Product: Amphitheaters and Stages

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Romtec is expanding our product offering to include amphitheaters and stages with all design, supply, and construction services available. These new structures will benefit many of our existing customers in parks & recreation, landscape architecture, campgrounds, and private facilities. Romtec has four new standard amphitheater models that will meet a large number of project needs, but we can also add any custom features to meet you specific requirements. Let’s look at our standard models and you can see how these amphitheaters can solve your design and supply needs.

Glamorous Amphitheater with Arched Roof

Arched Roof

This model uses prominent arches as the roofing structure for this attractive outdoor stage. Large arched glulam beams comprise the roof trusses and are supported by sturdy wood pillars. The layered glulam beams and columns provide a great aesthetic with wood features, but these can also be painted or stained to customize your stage. This stage includes a changing/storage room in the back of the structure. This room uses Lexan windows above the walls to add natural lighting while also maintaining privacy for changing performers. For an outdoor venue that needs a stage with a striking appearance and stature, Romtec’s Arched Roof Amphitheater is a great option!

Lofty Gable Front Amphitheater

Gable-End Style

This amphitheater model is simple and stylish. The gable front gives this structure a lofty appearance, and it is walled in at the sides to provide a protected stage environment for any venue location. The side walls also provide great space for decoration and stage dressing in order to make this structure suitable for a wide-variety of uses. This standard design also includes a backstage changing/storage room and a single-occupant restroom. With two entrances to the stage area, this amphitheater is a great option for concerts and theater alike.

Sleek Amphitheater with Open Design

Open Air Style

This amphitheater model offers a sleek profile with a distinct appearance. The flat roof face gives this amphitheater a classical look, and the columns with base supports add to that appeal. The entire stage is open with only one small backdrop, giving this structure a very wide viewing area. The standard design comes with a steel support structure for the columns and rafters to provide strength in a compact design. Movies in the park, concerts, summer camps, and other performers can make great use of a amphitheater with this simple design.

Cost Effective Steel Post and Fabric Amphitheater

Steel & Fabric

This contemporary structure is a great addition to any park that needs a modern touch. A fabric cover is stretched over a steel frame that is bolted to concrete supports. This type of design appears sleek and minimal, but it is also robust. The fabric is inexpensive to maintain, repair, or replace. The fabric can also be removed in severe weather to prevent wear and tear. The steel and concrete structure will last for a long time without any significant needs in any weather scenarios. A storage room in the backstage is included in the standard design. It can house anything from lighting controls to vanities, adding versatility to this standard amphitheater model.

These new amphitheater standard models are Romtec’s newest product, but they can include any custom features through our substantial design expertise. Adding restrooms, ticket booths, electrical controls for lighting, and other features is no problem with Romtec. If you have any questions about our new amphitheaters, contact our sales staff to learn more!

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