Retail Building with Custom Exterior

New Romtec Product: Lodges and Retail Buildings

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Last month, Romtec officially launched our newest product to the website, Lodges and Retail Buildings. Romtec has designed, supplied, and constructed many of these types of buildings over the years, but now we are offering five standard model configurations as a new product line. Lodges/Retail buildings are great multipurpose buildings that can serve many different applications. From ski resorts to golf courses, these new buildings are fully equipped to meet the needs of any site across the country.

Retail Building with Custom Exterior

Lodges and Retail Buildings as Standard Models

Romtec has always offered our customers the ability to get custom building designs through our proven design-build process. By offering these structures as standard models, Romtec is able to reduce the cost of our buildings. With a standard building configuration, most of the design work has been completed and changes can be made faster. Standard Building designs are also a great price advantage for government purchasers because each model can be listed on GSA or state contracts. These contracts allow the direct purchase of complete buildings with special discounts for government agencies.

Lodge with Matching Waterless Restroom

Configuring Standard Models to Fit Unique Requirements

Standard configurations are a great way to reduce the cost of a building, but with Romtec, you still have access to our in-house design expertise and full range of custom options. Retail buildings can include many types of unique requirements for a specific project location. These requirements can include matching the theme of a location or meeting code requirements for retail/concessions spaces. Romtec is one the best companies in the industry at providing attractive buildings and structures for any application. It is just as important to provide buildings that are designed to meet the specific codes and requirements on job sites nationally.

Each standard model is designed with large multipurpose spaces that can be configured as retail space, rental/concession counters, service desks, recreation/relaxation areas, and many other applications. Off of this space, our standard configurations include restrooms, offices, storage rooms, and utility rooms, but many of these spaces can be configured to fit your building needs. Each building configuration is designed to be economical and functional both for the building staff and for the building visitors.

Concession Restroom for Ski Resort

Romtec is excited to roll out this new product to new and existing customers. We have completed several of these types of structures over the years, such as the shops on the Huntington Pier in Huntington Beach, California. In virtually any setting, Romtec can provide the exact building to meet your project goals. Contact our sales staff today to learn more about our new lodges and retail buildings and more of Romtec’s new products.

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