Custom Restroom with Barn Roof

Public Restrooms for Every Application

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Romtec designs, manufactures, supplies, and installs public restrooms in all 50 states. We are a one stop destination to get complete restroom buildings from initial concepts to full operation. One of the biggest advantages of working with Romtec is our breadth of products and design capabilities. For virtually every site and application, Romtec can provide public restroom buildings to meet the specific goals of a project and the conditions of the site.

Custom Restroom with Barn Roof

With or Without Utility Connections

The first way we think about public restroom applications is in terms of available utilities, such as plumbing and power. Romtec offers complete waterless, vault toilets with “off-the-grid” solar options to accommodate sites without utility connections. For project locations with utility connections, Romtec offers dozens of standard models for plumbed facilities. These models range for simple two-room public restroom buildings to large multi-user facilities with additional building features.

Stone Exterior Waterless Restroom

Restrooms for Urban Settings

Another niche application for public restrooms is for urban environments. Romtec can configure many of our standard plumbed restroom models to be suitable for urban application, but Romtec also offers the Sidewalk Restroom as specially designed model specific to urban environments. This public restroom model includes design features such as durable solid steel construction, an open air but private design for venting, and a complete host of security options.

Sidewalk Restroom on Jackson

Additional Features and Services for Public Restoroms

Finally, Romtec can provide public restrooms with any number of additional features or services included in the restroom building. These additional features are typically inclusions like storage rooms, mechanical rooms, concession facilities, maintenance rooms, shower facilities, security centers, and data storage rooms. Many of our standard models accommodate these additions, but with Romtec, our design expertise allows our customers to quickly and affordably add any of these features and more to their public restroom building.

Compact Four Room Waterless Restroom

Romtec public restroom buildings are each designed to meet national and local code and regulation requirements. Romtec also offers a complete range of design options for virtually unlimited aesthetic choices for your building’s appearance. Our buildings can match new and existing buildings and can include regional themes or other significant elements. Contact Romtec today to discuss your project and its goals to see how our public restroom buildings will benefit your project or location.

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