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Repairing and Remodeling Existing Buildings

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Concrete Building Remodel

Last week, Romtec officially launched our new construction gallery section to our website. One of the major parts of this section is the Repair and Remodel gallery. Romtec offers a complete process to design, bid, supply, and construct any repair or remodel of an existing or damaged building. This process includes defining the goals of the project, evaluating the existing building, designing the new structures, supplying the components, and constructing/installing the new elements.

Upgrading a Park Facility

The first step to a successful repair or remodel project is to establish the goals of your finished building. There are many reasons to update a structure, and Romtec can handle any of them. You can choose to enlarge a building, such as a restroom that is consistently over capacity. Romtec can expand a building to include more services, such as adding a storage or maintenance room. Many locations are choosing to “Go Green” by getting new energy efficient fixtures and lighting options. You can upgrade your facility by adding skylights or switching from paper towel dispenser to popular Dyson Airblades. Finally, you can simply get replacements for damaged or vandalized components with Romtec repair services.

Repair Waterless Restroom

Repairing a Damaged Facility

Choosing the goals for a project depends on the specific needs of each site. For some, repairing a damaged facility might simply entail restoring the facility to its previous conditions. For other sites, repairing a damaged facility might involve adding new measures to prevent future damages, such as switching to stainless steel fixtures. Whether the goal is to get a building that serves more people or offers more services, Romtec can help update your facility to meet your needs.

Evaluating and Finding a Solution for Your Facility

After the goals of the project are defined, the existing structure must be evaluated. This allows Romtec to engineer a real solution that is specific to your needs and your site conditions. Evaluating the existing structure also allows Romtec to identify any potential problems that might occur during a repair or remodel project. These issues can be found when existing structural, electrical, and other components are not compatible with the desired end result. Discovering these issues in the beginning prevent a lot of headaches down the road.

Fire Damage Repair in Restroom

Designing the Repair or Remodel Package

Romtec uses the project goals and the site evaluation to design a repair or remodel package. This design clearly details how an existing building is developed into a “new” building. Without having a detailed document for this procedure, a repair or remodel can run into problems that can lead to delays and cost incursions. With accurate design drawings, the repair or remodel process is defined in terms of schedule, labor needs, supply, and cost.

Once there is an approved design in-place, Romtec assembles the supply package for the repair or remodel project and delivers it. Romtec also supplies the design drawings and product specifications to the installing contractor. These documents help make the project run smoothly as each step of the process is clearly defined. When the installation/construction is completed, the finished product will look exactly like the approved drawings that represent the specific project goals.

Repair or remodeling a building is an easy way to improve the services at your site with a smaller budget. If done correctly, these projects can extend the life of a building or improve the functionality for years to come. Contact Romtec today to ask about how you can use our repair and remodel services. To see examples of these types of projects, go visit the repair and remodel gallery in our new Construction Section.

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