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Restroom-Shower Building Options

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Did you know that Romtec offers 24 pre-engineered models for restroom-shower buildings? Our restroom-shower facilities range from small buildings with single-occupant, unisex facilities to large buildings with multiple shower and restroom stalls in separate men’s and women’s facilities. To learn more about each specific model, check out our restroom-shower directory and visit the model pages that fit your project needs. Our restroom-shower facilities all offer distinct advantages, so let’s check out the specific features you can get with a Romtec restroom-shower building.

ADA Compliant Shower

Building Design

Romtec offers a lot of standard design options for configuring a restroom-shower building. A substantial design consideration for getting the right facility for your project will be determining whether to offer showers and restrooms as separate facilities or in a combined room. In separate facilities, Romtec can provide single-occupant rooms or rooms with multiple stalls for shower facilities and restrooms with separate entrances. This allows maintenance staff to keep different operation hours for the restroom and shower facilities. Another option is to offer large rooms with shower stalls and restroom stalls in opposite halves of the room. For camps and military facilities, models with this layout can be preferable because they can handle a large number of people in a short period of time. Romtec offers a lot of different layout options for these basic design premises. Deciding which style of restroom-shower facility you want is a good place to start.

Shower and Restroom with Bench


On restroom-shower buildings, Romtec offers a lot of accessory options to help your facility function the way you want. There are too many options to list here, but there are a few common accessories to consider early in the design phase of your building. Shower benches are an ADA requirement for accessible restrooms. Providing them in wood, plastic, or stainless steel is up to you. Benches will also be supplied with stainless steel ADA grab bars specific to your state’s requirements. Shower doors and partitions can be supplied in different styles and materials from HDPE to stainless steel. The shower fixture itself can be supplied with standard ADA fixtures, or they can be suited to your needs with coin operated fixtures or timer systems. Dispensers are one final common accessory option. Providing soap and shampoo can be helpful in some locations, and Romtec has different dispenser options to choose from.

External Shower on Beach

Cost Savings

The cost of any building increases with each added square foot of floor space. That is why Romtec offers more economical designs for restroom-shower buildings by including ADA and standard shower layouts. ADA facilities require more space. Decreasing the number of ADA stalls and rooms –when appropriate– can really reduce the cost of the building. Our Sierra IV Six-Pak model provides private restroom and shower facilities with two ADA rooms and four standard rooms. This design has a big cost savings over offering six full-sized ADA rooms. Romtec can also design shower fixtures for the exterior of the building. In some locations –like a beach or pool, exterior showers can good a way to provide a shower space with costs savings to the building design.

Extended Mechanical Rooms

The final major design option for Romtec’s restroom-shower buildings is the addition of an extended mechanical room. Romtec has several models of restroom-shower buildings that include large mechanical rooms that can be used for the storage of cleaning and maintenance supplies. Mechanical rooms provide easy access to the utilities of the buildings, and extending these rooms offers better working space for building maintenance. Romtec can also add additional storage rooms or changing rooms as a custom option to its standard restroom-shower models.

At campsites, sports complexes, lakes, and pools, restroom-shower buildings can be a major feature of a facility. When you work with Romtec, we supply you with the best options in terms of selection and price. You can speak directly with our sale representatives about these options to see what will work for you. You can also read one of our case studies on completed restroom-shower projects to see what other facilities have chosen.

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