Lookout Waterless Outhouse

Romtec Buildings for Remote Locations

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Lookout Waterless Outhouse

The United States spans across numerous unique and beautiful environments, from swamps to deserts and plains to mountains. Waterfalls, hiking trails, lakes, and natural wonders are spread across America in locations far from the comforts of civilization. Many of these locations are valuable resources, both in terms of natural beauty and in tourism as people flock to the great outdoors in the spring and summer months.

Even though these areas are remote, visitors swarm there to witness for themselves the power and peace of nature. Our National Parks and National Forests are an important asset, and keeping these areas safe and clean is important to their preservation. Wherever humans are, nature calls, and Romtec can provide a restroom structure to promote a cleaner and safer environment.

Restroom Building for Historic Park

Palletized Building Kits

Rather than a preconstructed building which requires access for a large shipping truck and the ability to crane the building into place, Romtec provides pre-engineered building kits. The components are palletized and shrink-wrapped, ensuring a safer shipping process and making it easy to stack and store materials in smaller spaces. In addition, by palletizing our building kits, Romtec makes it easier to divide the shipment into smaller trucks for transport, better allowing delivery to remote locations that large trucks and equipment would not be able to access.

To make our buildings the best for our customers and the installing contractor, we use an effective packaging and organizing process for our shipments. All of the Romtec supplied building components are organized into stages, starting with the foundation and ending with the final stage or “top out” which includes all of the interior connections, components, and finishes. Each construction phase will have multiple pallets that include all of the materials, installation instructions, and plans for that stage. Our construction documentation also includes an itemized scope for the contractor to let them know what is in their shipment, what is provided by Romtec, and what is required for them to provide on the project.

Building Prepared in Palletized Stages for Shipment

Buildings Without Utilities

Romtec can provide both plumbed restrooms for sites with access to water and electricity, and waterless restrooms for sites too remote for utilities. For both types of sites, the technology available in Romtec buildings is constantly evolving and adapting, providing amenities that everyone has grown accustomed to in the areas that are off the grid. Solar Panels, for instance, can be supplied with a building to power lights or fans.

Romtec’s business started with the waterless vault toilet structures and Romtec can provide vault toilets in a wide variety of configurations. A vault toilet is a permanent waterless restroom that sits above a vault or “pit” that is serviced regularly by a local waste removal company. These structures can replace 10 portable bathroom units, and are a perfect solution for a restroom facility in areas where access to water and electricity is not an option. For trailheads and rural recreation sites, a single waterless restroom can be a dramatic improvement and an important facet of the site, for keeping the area free of waste.

Vault Restroom with Porch in State Park Trailhead

Remote Projects

Located off of the Coast of Southern California, Catalina Island received 5 Romtec waterless restrooms for a major expansion of the hiking trails. Most of the island is being managed by the Catalina Island Conservancy, and has been left in its natural state. The beauty of the island draws tourists out, and the new trail system encourages visitors to explore. With much of the island undeveloped, these areas are harder to access for construction but by providing an easy to ship palleted building kit, Romtec was able to supply the waterless restrooms for the new trails.

The Bolan Mountain Lookout is another remote project that Romtec recently completed. Located in Josephine County in our home state of Oregon, the Bolan Mountain Lookout is nestled in the mountains in the Klamath National Forest. This site has no access to water or sewer, and is only accessible by mountain roads. Getting a large shipping truck and crane to this location would have been impossible, but with our packaging and palletizing approach, delivery to the site is easier and more accessible than our competitors.

Romtec calls the Pacific Northwest home, and takes the same appreciation for nature as many people across the nation. Our forests, parks, and natural landmarks are an important part of both our history and our future, and it is important that we do what we can to preserve them. Even for landmarks in remote locations, Romtec can provide a structure that will help to keep the area safe and clean for all visitors.

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