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Romtec, Inc., City of Portland reach agreement

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An agreement has been reached between Romtec, Inc. and the City of Portland regarding our respective urban restroom products. This agreement was achieved through an amicable process that will allow both Romtec and the City of Portland to continue to market and sell The Sidewalk Restroom and Portland Loo structures.

Romtec would like to express gratitude to the City of Portland, specifically Dean Marriott – Director of Environmental Services, for cultivating a common sense solution to a difficult situation. Romtec also acknowledges the pioneering spirit shown by the City of Portland in developing its own solution to a national problem. The City’s creativity and innovation of reimagining conventional design principles has helped to create a new marketplace for urban restrooms. It is the hope of Romtec that through this agreement both organizations will find success in this venture.

The Sidewalk Restroom is a new and exciting product for Romtec that we are happy to be able to offer again in good faith. Thank you again to the City of Portland for helping reach this practical agreement to mutual benefit.

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