Timber Pavilion Purchased Through Public Procurement

Romtec is Available for Direct Purchase on BuyBoard

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Timber Pavilion Purchased Through Public Procurement

Purchasing goods and services through a public contract is a great way for public entities and procurement agents to save money on public projects. Romtec offers many contracts, price agreements, and multiple award schedules and one of the fastest growing contracts we offer is through the BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative. There are many advantages for public agencies to utilize BuyBoard, and it is not surprising to see more and more public agencies signing up for its services.

Advantages to Purchasing Through BuyBoard

According to its website, “the BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative is a cooperative formed between the National School Boards Association (NSBA) and several state school boards associations to streamline the buying process for schools, municipalities, and other public entities.” It also adds that the Cooperative complies with state and federal laws to allow member organizations to purchase directly from vendors that have undergone a competitive procurement process that ensures a good value against competition. Vendors, like Romtec, must provide their most competitive pricing to the Cooperative members. This helps member organizations by offering good pricing on all types of products, shopping through an online product database, and avoiding formal RFP processes.

Vault Restroom with Porch in State Park Trailhead

Extended Purchasing Access for Public Entities and Schools

Romtec works with all types of public entities, and we complete projects every year for schools and school boards across the country. This makes our product offering attractive to BuyBoard members for projects that require restrooms, concession stands, maintenance buildings, pavilions, storm shelters, and many other types of structural products. By contracting our products through BuyBoard, Cooperative Members have access to the full scope of Romtec products in addition to the procurement advantages of a public contract.

As a national purchasing cooperative, BuyBoard members are not limited to specific states or regions. BuyBoard is also open to many types of public entities beyond schools and school boards. This makes BuyBoard a great option for public agencies that may not be eligible for other contracts or award schedules that have tighter limitations on the agencies that are allowed to use the contract. It is also a great option for public agencies in states that do not offer public procurement contracts, award schedule, or price agreements.

Stylish Restroom with Stone Wainscot for City Park

Better Pricing with BuyBoard

Romtec is always looking for better ways to work with our customers, and public entities represent one of the largest markets for our products. By offering more contracts like BuyBoard, Romtec is able to extend better pricing to those member organizations. Please visit the Government Procurement page on our website or contact our sales staff to learn more about the contracts we offer. We can even help you find out which contracts you are eligible to buy through! Please also ask about our BuyBoard contract for more advantages.

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