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Romtec Offers Large “Stick-Framed” Buildings & Turnkey Construction

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Giant Stick Built Lodge with Outside Dining Area

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings for all types of parks and rec applications. Typically, we design buildings to be constructed with CMU block, also referred to as cinder block. This is an affordable, durable, and readily available construction material that is well suited to many applications. Using lumber for framing a building is a very common construction method, and Romtec does provide “stick-framed” buildings. In order to provide the most value to our customers, Romtec can construct buildings with lumber framing on larger building projects such as community centers, retail buildings, lodges, event centers, and other large buildings.

Lumber Framing

Over the past 20 years, Romtec has evolved our product offering from restroom buildings to now include over 150 unique models of buildings and structures for a wide range of applications. We have also improved our ability to meet many different project requirements, from LEED certification to seismic zoning. Adding stick-framing capabilities to turnkey projects has benefitted customers who are looking for large buildings with this type of construction. This preference is common with large buildings where stick-framing is a standard type of construction.

Large Building Interior with Stick Frame Roof and Wall Structure

Benefits of Stick-Framing

Romtec offers several models with near endless design possibilities that can make use of stick-framing techniques and turnkey construction. A project currently under construction is a large building for a golf course pro shop and event center. The requirements for this project included capabilities to be “open air” for summer events in the event center. The versatility of stick-framing made it simple to incorporate three large roll-up doors on one side of the building. This allows an entire wall to be “opened up” for easy access to the outdoor facilities and aesthetics.

In addition to the golf course project, Romtec offers models of community centers and lodges that are great options for stick-framing and turnkey construction. These buildings can have vast applications from offices to gymnasiums, and stick framing these buildings offers another construction method that can be preferable to some clients. Stick-framing can offer a lot of features for these types of structures. Community centers particularly can be very diverse and include many types of custom design options. Community centers also typically include artistic and aesthetic design features that establish the building as being iconic for a community.

Stick Frame Building with Turnkey Construciton

Our Turnkey Services

Getting large buildings and structures takes a lot of planning and budgeting, and Romtec is glad to offer stick-framing with turnkey construction as another option for all of our large building models. Our construction crews will help keep your project on schedule and within budget! Contact Romtec today to learn more about our community centers, lodges, event centers, and other large building models available as stick-framed buildings.

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