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Concession Window with Locked Cage

Public restrooms, for one reason or another, are often vandalized and mistreated. We can’t always understand why this happens, but Romtec offers a number of ways to prevent it from happening or to reduce damages when it does. When thinking about a future restroom building, it is important to consider security and safety options and how they relate to each project and location.

Vandal resistant options can be appealing for some locations. These options include stainless steel fixtures, anti-graffiti coatings, automatic flushers and light switches, kick-proof screens and vents, and more. Each of these options can reduce the likelihood that a would-be vandal is able to create expensive damages. These options don’t try to stop vandals, just to make it very unlikely that vandalism will be successful.

The other approach is to try to prevent vandals from carrying out any damage. This can be accomplished with options like auto-locking doors, security lighting, gated access, security cameras, window bars, and other standard security hardware. With these options, it is possible to eliminate an environment conducive to vandalism, preventing damages from ever occurring.

Another option for preventing vandalism to restrooms is through simple building designs. Restrooms are designed to provide users with adequate privacy for comfortable use, but privacy is the same element that helps vandalism occur. Designing a restroom for areas with security concerns should provide privacy where it is needed most while limiting privacy in other areas. This includes eliminating blind corners on the building’s exterior, providing ample lighting, and allowing noise to carry outside of the building.

These options can be applied in several ways to deal with specific concerns or with an overall security effort. Choosing the appropriate security options for a restroom building adds years to the life of components and maintains good aesthetics. For more questions about security gates, fencing, window bars, and many other security design features, check out our security and safety design solutions.

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