Shelter for Protecting Components

Romtec Shelters for All Types of Applications

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Romtec designs, manufactures, and supplies shelters for many different types of applications. These are versatile structures capable of accomplishing many different project goals. Romtec offers 3 standard styles of shelters, designed as 2-post, 4-post, or 6-post units. These range from 80 sq. ft. up to almost 300 sq. ft. in covered area, offering a wide range of potential uses.

CMU Block Shelter

Shelters or Shade Structures for Control Panels

The most common use for Romtec steel shelters is as a control shelter or shade structure for electrical boxes and various outdoor control panels. These electrical devices need sheltered for many different reasons. A shelter can protect the device from rain and snow; it can also shade electrical components to prevent them from overheating in areas with frequent sun. Shelters can even be used to simply increase the working comfort of service personnel by providing weather protection and a structure to support lighting. Romtec shelters can be designed for municipal standards or private standards to be installed at industrial or manufacturing facilities.

Shelter for Protecting Components

Bulletin Board or Signage Structures

After controls, Romtec shelters make great features in parks for many different uses. Typically, they are used as a bulletin board or signage structure. These can be a great way to post notices and maps, as well as community events or updates about the park. Another park application is a structure for covering refuse bins. Having trash cans fill with rain can be unpleasant for everyone, but Romtec shelters offer an affordable and attractive solution to dealing with this problem.

Timber Post Kiosk at Trailhead

Transportation Stops

Finally, Romtec shelters are a great option for transportation stops. City bus stops, light rail, or even taxi drop off locations, like convention centers and airports. Romtec shelters can easily be fabricated with walls and benches to make a transportation stop safe and comfortable. Romtec can even provide space for signage if you want to use your shelter for advertising. Our shelters can be easily customized to fit all types of requirements or needs.

Timber Post Pavilion at Bus Stop

Romtec can construct shelters out of timber posts, logs, and steel. These different materials off advantages to cost, appearance, and functionality depending on your site conditions and application. Romtec also has a wide range of options for foundations and roofing. From a city sidewalk to a petrochemical plant, Romtec shelters are designed to meet every applicable requirement for you specific application. Contact Romtec today to see how an affordable Romtec shelter can help your project get the best shade structure possible.

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