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Romtec Website Adds Interior Design Options

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Romtec specializes in the design, manufacturing, and supply of all types of public use buildings, like restrooms and concession buildings. We work with customers to create buildings that are specific to the needs of each project, from budget constraints to custom finishes. Often times, our buildings include beautiful interior and exterior options, and in order to make some of these options easier for our customers to access, a new section has been added to the Romtec website for interior design options.

Single User Restroom Interior

Interior Design Options for Viewing

Providing attractive interior design options is a service that Romtec has offered for decades to help customers get the specific features and styles they want for their building. Often times, these options are aesthetic, but there are many options that improve the functionality and long-term maintenance of the building. The new Interior Options section of the website includes finishes that can accommodate restricted budgets or high-end projects. The new section is broken out into three categories for walls , floors , and accessories. Here is an overview of the new gallery and some of the stylish options we have available as standard packages.

Porcelain Toilet with Steel Grab Bars

Wall Finishes

The first gallery of the new interior options section is for wall finishes. The page includes a photo gallery with many attractive wall finishes from dozens of Romtec projects. It also includes samples of our standard wall options that can be supplied for any Romtec building package. These options include standard paint or epoxy as an affordable selection, textured/smooth FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic), and wall tile. The standard options available on the website are attractive and typical options that work in many applications. These options provide great style and great moisture barriers that are easy to clean and do not absorb odors.

Restroom Interior Accessories

Floor Options

Floor options are located in the next section, which also includes an expansive photo gallery of Romtec projects with attractive and practical floor options. Romtec offers three standard tile options in different sizes and patterns that can be combined to create attractive patterns and styles. Romtec can also provide affordable options like concrete sealant, paint, and epoxy. These options are easy to clean, prevent staining, and add great visual elements for building interiors.

Grey Interior Flooring Tile Options

Counter Tops and Stall Partitions

The final section covers interior accessory options like counter tops and bathroom stall partitions. These are two prominent visual features in any restroom building. These features can include durable and resilient HDPE options or laminate surfaces. Romtec can also include stainless steel for modern interior styles that can also match fixture options like stainless steel toilets, sinks, and faucets. The counter options have many finishes from faux marble to granite that can provide an affordable option with a high-end appearance.

Restroom Interior with Custom Concrete Partitions

The new Interior Options Gallery is great way for our customers to view real Romtec projects with great building interiors. It also provides our customers with detailed specifications that can easily be integrated into a building plan set or a bid specification package. In addition to the options on our website, Romtec can always customize the appearance of any building to meet the needs of our customers. Contact Romtec today to learn more about our interior options and to see how working with Romtec can help you get the building you need for your project!

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