Compact Three Room Waterless Restroom

Saving Money with Romtec

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Compact Three Room Waterless Restroom

Romtec offers our customers several ways to save money on every building model for restrooms, concessions, shower buildings, pavilions, and more. Romtec provides design expertise to develop buildings and structures that can meet common applications or very unique applications. This same expertise can be used to help our customers meet their budget. There are a lot of different ways that Romtec can help customers get great buildings with great prices. Here are some of the methods that we commonly use.

Corrugated Metal Roofing

Engineering Redesigns to Reduce Costs

Romtec’s Engineering department is constantly redesigning our complete offering of building models. We actively look at every building throughout the year to improve our designs, reduce the material costs, and develop options with lower pricing. This evaluation is done all the time to review the materials we use on our structures and find products that are of the same or better quality while reducing the costs. Then we create new standard designs and options based off the new materials.

Purchasing High-Quality Low-Cost Fixtures Locally

This same process is also used to improve the costs of our building components. The Romtec Purchasing Department works on every project to make sure that the faucets, hinges, hand dryers, partitions, mounting hardware, and so on each meet our customer’s requirements and expectations. This also allows Romtec to constantly add lower priced options. The savings on these products are relatively small, but throughout an entire building, these price reductions can be substantial to a customer’s budget.

Purchasing doesn’t stop at the building components. Each model is constructed of materials that can be purchased nationally. Romtec typically ships each of our buildings or structures as a package, but the cost reduction of purchasing heavy building materials locally can substantially reduce shipping costs. Over the years, Romtec has developed a growing list of national retailers for high-quality and reliable construction materials like concrete block. Then, we use the closest source to each project site to save our customers on shipping costs.

Timber Post Pavilion with Footers

Communicating Changes to the Customer

Each department at Romtec works to improve our product through every new project. One of the key ways that we maintain this process is through reliable documentation. When engineering makes a change and purchasing finds a better product, the documentation gets changed and communicated to the Sales Department, who then informs the customer and gets approval for the changes. This process has become much more streamlined over the years and improves every day. This increase in work efficiency allows Romtec to handle more projects and spend less time during the engineering phase of a building. This saves time and money for our customers.

Romtec is always working to improve our products to give our customers exactly what they want and expect. These are a few of the ongoing methods that we use to create improved pricing for real, site-built structures across the country. Public purchasers also can get improved pricing by purchasing through Romtec’s GSA contract or any of our state contracts. Contact our sales staff today to see how we can get you the building you want at an affordable price.

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