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Saving Time & Money with Government Contracts

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US Forest Service Historical Park Restroom Building

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs a lot of structures every year for government customers. Did you know that purchasing a structure through one of Romtec’s government contracts or agreements provides a significant predetermined discount? The reason these contracts and agreements are created is to improve on the competitive bidding process for public construction projects to save governmental agencies time and money.

The competitive bid process was adopted historically to avoid conflicts of interest and nepotism in public jobs. This process was established to provide government purchasers with competitive pricing for products and services, and for a long time the process worked well. At times, however, competitive bidding can result in kickbacks, malfeasance, and lengthy law suits, creating a new set of problems.

Multiple Vault Toilets

Competitive Pricing Without Public Bidding Conflicts

Since the goal of public bidding is to get competitive pricing while avoiding conflicts of interest, federal and many state governments created another option to retain those purchasing advantages. The use of award schedules, contracts, and agreements provides public purchasers and procurement agencies with a list of companies who do not represent a conflict of interest.

These schedules provide complete listings of available products that are negotiated to be competitively priced. Typically, this is done by providing public purchasers with a flat percentage discount on products over the private rates. For both organizations, these contracts and agreements are a win. Government organizations save money and time, and companies, like Romtec, get to sell products more quickly without a lengthy bid process.

Not every state and federal agency has the ability to purchase through a negotiated contract or agreement, but you can see the government purchasing agreements that Romtec has with various agencies. Contact us today to get your public building project started, and save time and money by doing business with Romtec.

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