Open Space on Sidewalk Restroom

The Sidewalk Restroom Advertisement Display Space

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Open Space on Sidewalk Restroom
Any color, any ad, or custom graphics.

The Sidewalk Restroom by Romtec is a great advertising and display tool. The standard design includes large flat steel sheets that can be applied with different options for graphics or poster display ads. There are several ways to utilize the display spaces depending on the priorities of each city. Here are some potential uses for this space.

Advertisement Rental Space

The first use is to rent the display space to advertising companies. This can be an easy way to earn extra money which can in turn be used to fund maintenance or more facilities. This can be especially attractive since many cities already have relationships with advertisers for bus stops, kiosks, benches, and other city structures.

City Branding Campaigns

Another use is to publicize city branding campaigns, such as the famous “I LOVE NY” campaign. City branding is practiced in many cities. Dallas says, “Big Things Happen Here,” and in Las Vegas, “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” These campaigns are very recognizable. For new campaigns like Las Vegas’ “Know the Code” slogan, using the Sidewalk Restroom’s display spaces for city branding is a great way to promote your city!

Matching Your City’s Theme

Another possibility is to match the existing colors and motifs of an area. The Sidewalk Restroom is great for that and has the ability to blend into these areas. On Miami’s famed Washington Avenue in South Beach for example, there are palm trees and brightly colored buildings for miles with neon club lights, trendy restaurants, and decorative hotels. In an area with such a cohesive style, any new structure would benefit from including the same look and feel. The Sidewalk Restroom’s display spaces can include thematic artwork or color schemes to bring out the best of an area.

These are just a few suggestions for how to make the most out of the Sidewalk Restroom’s display spaces, but as with any blank canvas, it is only limited by your imagination. Call Romtec today to discuss your ideas, and our sales team will help you configure a Sidewalk Restroom perfect for your city streets. Visit the Sidewalk Restroom page for more information.

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