Unique Waterless Restroom in New Park

Silver Park Flyover in Missoula

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The Story Behind Silver Park

Romtec recently completed a project for the new Silver Park in Missoula, Montana. This park is a great story for the City of Missoula. The City Parks and Recreation Department and the Missoula Redevelopment Agency worked together to turn an abandoned lumber mill into this rehabilitated park. The project involved several environmental considerations and plans for future development to reimagine this riverfront industrial property.

The Environmental Considerations and the Solution

The biggest concern with this 14.5-acre lot was methane gas being released from the ground. Wood debris and other materials have been working into the soil over the years and are decomposing to produce substantial levels of methane. In order to account for this, the project developers took some interesting measures, including utilities light poles for the park that are also gas vents. The Romtec restroom at the park integrated a methane ventilation system from a separate design firm into the building design.

Matching the Existing Pavilion

The restroom also includes corrugated metal roofing with a copper color scheme to complement a large pavilion on the site. The pavilion is at the center of the park, and it was constructed of almost all salvaged materials. The logs were salvaged from the Blackfoot River after the removal of a dam, and were reused for the structure of the pavilions. The sheet metal roofing was salvaged from out of use warehouses. The mismatched rust coloration is what the restroom’s copper color matches.

Restroom Matching Theme of Missoula Park

Silver Park’s Design and Future Plans

This park includes several accommodations for future improvements. The Romtec restroom building was installed as a waterless facility, but we designed the building so that down the road it could be retrofitted with plumbing. This allows the building to function in the short-term and long-term plans for the park. The park also includes space for future art projects. Old concrete pipes and rusted steel beams from the old mill have been slated to be used as sculpture materials at locations at the park. This reuse theme is in keeping with the pavilion and with the paths that are recycled granite.

This is a great project that shows some of the innovative ways communities are making the most out of their resources. Missoula had derelict land and decaying resources that were repurposed into a beautiful new park. Romtec loves to help cities get the special buildings they need within their budget and future plans. Silver Park officially opened in early June, 2014.

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