Control Building Interior with Indoor Generator and Pump Station Controls

Snohomish County – Smith Island Estuary Restoration Project

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Control Building Interior with Indoor Generator and Pump Station Controls
Historic Tideland Area with Newly Constructed Pump Station to Handle High Water

The Project

Several estuary restoration projects are underway along the Snohomish River Basin in Snohomish County, Washington. One of these is the Smith Island Estuary Restoration Project near Everett. The project will restore over 350 acres of tidal marshland that have been cut off from saltwater for 85 years. The restored marshland will expand the habitat of several species of marine life, including the protected Puget Sound Chinook salmon. Flooding the area required the demolition of existing dikes once the construction of new barriers was completed. One aspect of this project required the installation of a new pump station to manage high flows of stormwater and to prevent flooding. The pump station with a control building needed a secure location to house its electrical controls and an emergency generator in case of power failures.

The Solution

Romtec was hired to design, supply, and construct a control building for Smith Island in Snohomish County. This was a unique project because we got to work with Romtec Utilities, our sister company, who provided the design and supply of the stormwater pump station. Using the design standards of Snohomish County, the owners of the building, Romtec integrated the pump station electrical controls into the design of the building. Controls are mounted directly onto the walls and can easily be accessed by operating personnel in a safe and comfortable environment. Additionally, the generator was installed on an isolated concrete slab surrounded by foam to prevent vibrations from damage the surrounding concrete. Installing the generator indoors also required the installation of additional HVAC equipment to meet the necessary ventilation requirements.

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