Large Landmark Octagon Restroom

Special Restroom Features for Sports Parks

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Get a building for your sports park from Romtec, and you also get our complete design capabilities and experience for sports facilities. Romtec has completed a lot of unique restroom buildings that serve sports facilities across the country. Depending on the sports and needs of the specific site, there are a lot of options to consider. Romtec can add concessions, storage and maintenance rooms, showers, changing stalls, admission windows, score keeping booths, and much more. Here are a few past and recent projects that Romtec completed for sports parks.

Large Landmark Octagon Restroom

City of Santa Fe Municipal Recreation Sports Complex

The rugby fields at this large municipal sports park in Santa Fe, NM got this multipurpose building from Romtec. It includes a covered concession window, men’s and women’s restroom facilities, and a large storage room. All of these design addition create a building well suited to the needs of the site. The concessions capabilities offer refreshment for players and spectators of the rugby matches. The storage facilities offers the rugby league an on-site, secure place the house its equipment. Most importantly, the ADA accessible restrooms provide permanent, clean, and accessible facilities for park visitors to use. This large building offers a tremendous amount of capabilities for the rugby fields at this sports park.

Concession Building and Restroom New Mexico

Silver Point Park, St. Anthony Village, Minnesota

This urban sports park in St. Anthony Village near downtown Minneapolis needed a special design consideration. The park includes baseball fields, a basketball courts, and a playground, but the Romtec restroom building was designed to accommodate winter visitors when these other features are rarely used. Silver Point Park also includes an ice skating/hockey rink. Saint Anthony village asked that a warming room be included in this restroom building to create a safe, well-lit, and roomy space for winter patrons to escape the chilly weather. The space also includes heating, benches, and lockers for visitors to lace up in comfort. This was a great way to get a valuable space added to public restroom facilities.

Single User Park Bathroom With Warming Room

Connor’s Park, San Marcos, California

This sports park in California is a very recent project with a special request for this new facility. This building needed to have not only concession space, two storage rooms, a maintenance room, and men’s and women’s restrooms, but it also needed to have an IT (information technology) room and an electrical room. These rooms were configured to handle the building communications, security, and park lighting controls. They additionally include HVAC options to keep the electrical and computer equipment cool. One storage room and one maintenance room have roll up doors for vehicles access. This building provides the total facility needs for Conner’s Park and its sports features.

Large Restroom and Concession Facility in Sports Park

These three projects demonstrate the variety of different needs that can be required at real sports parks around the country. Romtec excels at getting our customers all of the building features they need to solve the management, services, and operational concerns they have for their sports park. There are many other examples of Romtec buildings at sports parks that you can look at in our building solutions section. Contact Romtec today to see how our services can help you get the building you need designed, supplied, and constructed.

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