Aquatic Building for Community Pool

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Aquatic Building for Community Pool

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings and structures as complete packages for all types of applications across the country. Each project requires an individual approach to ensure our customers receive a completed structure that will meet all building requirements and provide all amenities and site needs. Romtec has even developed several specialized buildings that include features and components selected specifically for their application. Aquatic buildings by Romtec are one example of a specialized building. Aquatic buildings are frequently installed around community pools and splash pads and can provide swimmers access to restrooms, showers, and other facilities needed for the facility.

Great Looking Community Building for Public Pool

Recreational Water Features

Public pools and aquatic centers have been a favorite gathering place for many communities as long as they have been around. In recent years, many parks and recreation departments across the country have been opening new recreational water features, including splash pads, community pools, and even natural rivers to be utilized for recreation. Existing facilities that have fallen into disrepair are receiving renovations to reopen them to the public. Each of these applications requires several onsite amenities and features to ensure that all health codes and building requirements are met.

Customizing Aquatic Recreation Facilities Per Code

Many features can benefit aquatic recreation facilities, and many of these are even required by code. Showers and restrooms need to be provided to the public with considerations in place for ADA accessibility. Romtec’s flexible design approach allows us to install shower fixtures and restrooms in any configuration needed. This includes layouts with showers on the building exterior, private rooms with restrooms and showers, and private shower stalls in a combined restroom and shower space. This same customizability extends to every aspect of the building, including all accessory and hardware options. Outside of these there are a number of other design considerations that can further improve the facility.

Poolhouse for New York Swimming Pool

Housing Pumps and Chemical Filtration Systems

Successful operation of a pool, splash pad, or other aquatic facility requires multiple individual systems operating together. Pool pumps and chemical filtration systems often need to be housed near the water features. This is especially true for large, publicly owned applications, where large volumes of water are being managed and standards are well defined for health and safety. Pump houses and similar buildings are often required to protect this equipment from vandalism and provide a safe space to store chemicals required for operation. Another alternative that Romtec suggests is allocating enough space inside your aquatic building for this equipment. Integrating pumps and any control equipment with other onsite facilities, like restrooms, is a great way to save space onsite and reduce construction costs. On several occasions these buildings have even included space dedicated to housing equipment, staff offices, and service windows for managing rentals/entry.

Aquatic Building for Splash Pad

The Best Facilities for Your Community’s Water Features

Aquatic buildings are developed by Romtec to provide our customers with the best onsite facilities for their community pools and splash pads. These locations are valued by communities and are frequently used for hosting special events during the summer months. Understanding the needs of swimmers, staff, and the equipment needed to operate pools and splash pads has helped Romtec provide dozens of highly specialized aquatic buildings across the country. Call Romtec today for more information on our aquatic buildings and which features can benefit your project!

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