Vault Restroom with Porch in State Park Trailhead

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Vault Restroom with Porch in State Park Trailhead

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings and structures for all types of applications, including outdoor recreation and urban parks. Our flexible design and building process has allowed Romtec to develop a number of specialized buildings that can greatly enhance the surrounding location. One frequent setting we provide buildings and structures for are trailheads. The purpose of most trailheads is to welcome visitors to the area and prepare them for their journey ahead. Romtec provides several buildings and structures that can be added to any trailhead, and today, we’ll be focusing on the waterless restroom building.

Multiple Vault Toilets

Vault Restrooms in the Great Outdoors

Trailheads play an important role in connecting civilization to the great outdoors. These locations are the first and last area that visitors see when accessing trails and other outdoor recreation area. Most trailheads offer amenities to prepare for the journey ahead, such as maps and announcements, and one building that is almost always provided is a restrooms. Most commonly these are waterless restrooms also known as vault restrooms. These buildings are ideal for use at a trailhead because they require no water or sewer connections to function and often no electricity. Romtec vault restrooms make a great addition to any trailhead with models available as prefabricated structures or site-built packages.

Sweet Smelling Technology

All Romtec vault restrooms utilize SST®, or Sweet Smelling Technology, to minimize the odors inside and outside the building. This is possible by orienting vents on the restroom against the prevailing wind in the area. Wind pushes through the vent into the building raising the air pressure inside, low air pressure from the vault below creates an air flow pushing air through the restroom into the vault and out of the vent pipe extending well above the restroom. Visitors will appreciate the added comfort and hygiene of vault restrooms that employ SST as well as other features that improve the functionality of the building.

Vault Toilet with Rustic Log Post Covered Entry

Remote Areas Without Water and Electricity

Trailheads are often located in remote areas far from any possible utility connections for both water and electricity. One solution that Romtec has implemented countless times is installing a solar panel on the top of the building. While vault restrooms often fall short of the comfort of a traditional restroom in a park, there are a number of accessories and fixtures that can be included if a solar power package is included. Lighting is frequently paired with solar panels to make vault restrooms usable at night. Ventilation is another great addition and can further enhance air flow in trailhead buildings. Romtec can include any other accessories your application requires and can even change the appearance options on your building.

Meeting Code Requirements and Design Standards

Every building that Romtec designs and supplies is highly customizable and will be designed to meet any building code requirements or design standards for its site. The visual appearance of the building is one of the most important features. Trailheads are often beautiful locations and unattractive buildings can distract visitors from enjoying the natural beauty of the area. Romtec can include visual design features into the design of your building to enhance the natural appeal of the site. From interior wall surfaces and floors to exterior features like roofing and siding, nearly every aspect of the building is customizable to meet the needs of your unique project and location.

Pair of Waterless Restrooms with Matching Stone Exteriors

Romtec’s Design Expertise for Trailhead Buildings

Romtec offers expertise for designing, supplying, and constructing buildings and structures for specialized applications. Waterless restrooms are an important feature at trailheads and will often be the visitors last chance to use an actual restroom before departing into the outdoors. Romtec vault restrooms are high-quality buildings that are rugged and easy to maintain, ensuring your site stays functional and attractive for long periods of time. These buildings are designed for the unique requirements of each trailhead, and don’t require specialized equipment or cranes for installation. Contact a Romtec Salesperson today and request more information about vault restrooms and they can benefit your trailhead!

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