Pavilion with Stone Footers

Susan Creek Pavilion

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Pavilion with Stone Footers

Romtec put the finishing touches on a pavilion at Susan Creek that was designed and installed for the Roseburg District of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The BLM worked with Romtec to design a pavilion that would be an attractive feature for the park but also harmonize with the natural surroundings. Check out these specifications and why they work.

Site-built Installation Photos
Pavilion Roofing in Construction

The Hexagonal Design

First off, the pavilion is hexagonal in shape, producing a simple element of visual interest. The second feature to notice is the natural stone post-wrappings. The stone wrappings are another visual cue that preserves the pastoral beauty of Susan Creek. The Delta-Rib, steel roofing is dark brown to match the dark stain of the dimensional wood posts. The concrete foundation is tan, so it blends with the ground, trees, and stones. These features all work together to create an eye-catching structure that complements the natural beauty of the park.

Hexagonal Pavilion Installation
Installed Pavilion

Thanks to the BLM for providing such excellent facilities in the Roseburg District. With summer finally here, Romtec hopes that everyone will take the scenic drive out Hwy 138 to Susan Creek to make use of these first-rate facilities.

For information about camping, hiking, and swimming at Susan Creek look right here! And finally, to see more photos of our custom pavilions, look here!

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