Metal Roofing Designed to Imitate Cedar Shakes for Aesthetic Value

Synthetic Roofing Materials: Shakes, Shingles, and More!

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Metal Roofing Designed to Imitate Cedar Shakes for Aesthetic Value

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings out of a wide range of different building materials. These materials start with essential construction materials but also include a large variety of interior and exterior finishes. Among the most important exterior finishes is the roofing material. There are many different roofing materials available, and each type offers distinct benefits. One increasingly available option is using synthetic materials to replicate other forms of roofing, including shakes, tiles, shingles, and more. Synthetic roofing materials have many distinct advantages for building owners.

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The History of Roofing and the Creation of Synthetic Roofing

First, let’s look at a brief history of roofing. Throughout history, people have used all types of materials to protect themselves from the elements. Using thatch, wood in various forms, shaped mud/clay, and even stone has led to the development of improved materials that we know today. These are now commonly used materials like cedar shakes, slate tile, Spanish tile, and others that have historically been manufactured from natural resources. As the world population has grown, the resources used for these roofing materials have become scarce, causing prices to rise. This is a reason why synthetic roofing materials have increased in popularity over recent years.

Cost Effectiveness of Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials are composed of recycled materials or easily manufactured from other plastics. The primary benefit of these materials is the ability to get a specific aesthetic quality at a lower cost. Synthetic materials have not always been a cost competitive option, but in recent years, these materials have closed that gap and are much more competitive with traditional roofing materials, especially with the higher quality materials like slate tile and cedar shakes. As the market for the synthetic materials expands, the costs are decreasing to make them a more attractive option. Many people are willing to spend a little extra on specific aesthetic options, like Spanish tile in the Southwest, and finding a lower cost option to achieve the desired look for your building is something every buyer prefers.

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Getting a More Resistant Roofing Material

In addition to the appearance of these materials, synthetic roofing options also have many benefits related to functionality. Synthetic roofing materials can be manufactured to withstand many different scenarios. One big improvement is that they are heat and flame resistant. In the event of a fire (or nearby fires that cause embers to fall from the sky), synthetics materials are much less likely to combust than many other materials. Additionally, synthetic roofing materials can also be designed and installed to be essentially earthquake proof. Tiles are especially susceptible to falling off and becoming damaged during earthquakes. These functional improvements are another enticing quality leading to the desirability of this material.

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Romtec’s Roofing Material Options

Romtec is always working to use newer and better materials on the buildings we design, supply, and install. Synthetic roofing materials are a newer option that are getting used more and more. Providing these options to customers is another way we help get people the buildings and structures they need with functional and visual options the need and want. Contact Romtec today to learn more about all of our options for building designs to get the exact building you want for you next project.

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