Custom Design Features Chosen For Specific Restroom Application

The Complete Building Process with Romtec

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Custom Design Features Chosen For Specific Restroom Application

Romtec completes building projects of all types in all 50 states, but completing a building project can start in many different phases. Each project can come to Romtec anywhere from the budgetary estimate and planning phase all the way to the construction phase. Romtec works on building projects through a consistent process that begins with providing an approved design and ends when the building is delivered or constructed. Here is an overview of our process and how you can work with our team to get your building completed quickly and correctly.

Prepared Design Rendering for Restroom Project Proposal

The Design Phase

Each building project begins in the design phase. Typically, Romtec designs the building per the needs of each customer as a new building, but occasionally, customers will come to Romtec with designs that are over budget or in need of revision. In either scenario, our design department works to provide concepts and basic design drawings to the customer. Romtec does much of this work without a contract and without charging the customer. We typically charge for design services when a customer wants to buy full plans. Otherwise, we work with our clients to deliver a solid design for them to approve and purchase.

The Production Phase

Once there is a purchase for the design. Romtec will move into the production phase of the project. This phase first starts with production of stamped and sealed design drawings which are used for production and palletization of all the real goods and materials for the building. Each building or structure we produce is organized into stages. Staging the goods and materials helps contractors with the installation process. It also provides an easy way to review the scope of goods provided by Romtec for the contractor to procure any other required goods during each stage. The full scope is documented, and the staging also helps in the production phase.

Building Prepared in Palletized Stages for Shipment

The Installation Phase – Customer Contracted Construction

In the last phase of our building process, the building gets constructed or installed either by an awarded contractor, a customer supplied crew, or as a turnkey building through Romtec. In most construction projects, Romtec makes a construction manager available to help contractors or our own crews troubleshoot and resolve any and all issues that might arise. These can be simple items like understanding aspects of the plans or items like materials damaged in freight. Communication from both sides about the design and supply and the full scope of work is helpful for contractors and for our crews in the field. Any construction project will have small issues to overcome and the availability of a professional construction manager can save our customers’ time, money, and headaches.

Roof Structure for Site Built

The Installation Phase – Romtec Turnkey Services

Each building project completed by Romtec will follow this same basic building process. Beginning with a design phase, we work with the customer to develop the building or structure they want. In production, our engineers and production crews specify, procure, and stage all the real materials for constructing the project. Finally, our construction manager assists our turnkey crews and sometimes awarded contractors to help facilitate a seamless installation process. Talk to a Romtec salesperson today to learn more about our building process and how to get the best public recreation and utility buildings that money can buy!

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