A Vault Toilet and Matching Guardhouse

Vault Toilet Designed to Match a Historic Guardhouse

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Romtec customers often come to us with projects that require a specific design to match existing structures. On some projects, like the historic Crocker Guard Station in the Plumas National Forest, Romtec must design a new structure to take the place of a structure that no longer exists or is no longer usable. In this case, an old vault toilet, or rather an outhouse, had been demolished, but the USDA Forest Service wanted to get a new vault toilet that would match the historic buildings onsite while providing a new waterless restroom facility.

For several years, volunteers have been working to renovate the Crocker Guardhouse, which has stood in-place since 1912. The goal was to both preserve an iconic building and to open the building up for recreationists at the Plumas National Forest to rent.

A Vault Toilet and Matching Guardhouse

The Custom Design

The guardhouse is very remote, lacking most utilities except for propane lights, stoves, and heaters. Romtec was contacted to provide a waterless vault toilet with aesthetics to match the guardhouse. These aesthetics include shake siding and shake roofing along with untreated, rough-sawn timber columns.

The Crocker Guardhouse will be able to accommodate up to 16 guests when it opens in the spring of 2016. Romtec vault toilets are designed with Sweet Smelling Technology, or SST®, to make these facilities as odorless as possible. The vault toilet design utilizes prevailing winds to create positive air pressure inside the restroom and inside the vault.

This Vault Toilet Uses SST Design for Odor-Free Use

The Ventilation System

Negative pressure is created by air movement over a vent pipe opening rising up from the vault above the restroom structure. This causes air to move into the building through low wall vents and out through the vent pipe above the roof, venting odors up and away from the building.

The New Vault Restroom and The Historic Crocker Guardhouse

When it comes to affordable, attractive, and functional vault toilets, Romtec has over 35 years of experience. For the Plumas National Forest, this new waterless restroom will help make its new rental an iconic and enjoyable memory for park guests. Check out some other vault toilet models to see if a Romtec restroom can benefit your park or recreation site.

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