Boulder Civic Area Park

Multiuser Restroom for Boulder Civic Area Park – Boulder, CO

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Boulder, Colorado is an outdoor haven for hikers, adventurers, or backpackers looking to explore the Rocky Mountains and its various peaks. It had a population of 108,250 in the most recent census. Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests is a protected park with a variety of wilderness areas to the west. The national forest is home to the largest natural lake ...

Replacement Multi-user Restroom at Givens District Recreation Center – Austin, TX

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Austin, Texas is the state capital of the Lone Star state that is central to other major cities like Houston, San Antonio, and Waco. Interstate 35 runs through Austin connecting it with the region including San Antonio which is about 80 miles to the southwest. It’s home to the University of Texas flagship campus. The population of Austin was 961,855 ...
Union County Joint Recreation Park

Multi-User Restrooms and Concession Building for Union County Joint Recreation District – Marysville, OH

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Marysville is a city in Ohio near Columbus and is the county seat of Union County. Columbus is about 27 miles to the southeast of Marysville, Ohio. The population of Marysville was 25,571 at the 2020 census. It sits within the Columbus metropolitan area. The City of Marysville is known for the slogan “Where the Grass is Greener”. U.S. Route ...