Gillespie Youth Camp in Tilden Regional Park, CA

Uncommon Design on Campground Restroom

The Gillespie Youth Camp in Tilden Regional Park can host up to 75 youths and supervisors at any given time, and this Romtec restroom facility provides the only campground restrooms. Romtec designed this campground restroom with several conveniences. First, a recessed patio area provides shelter for two drinking fountains and a large, stainless steel wash-basin for doing anything from cooking prep to cleaning clothes. Second, the building has external spigots for attaching hoses or making water balloons. Next, the men’s and women’s ADA restrooms provide accessibility for disabled persons. Aside from these features, this campground restroom has board and batten siding with stone wainscoting, skylights, and a stylish timber trussed gable. Gillespie Youth Camp offers hiking, swimming, fishing, mountain biking, and horseback riding throughout all of Tilden Regional Park.