Custom restroom and Small Concession Building

Custom Restroom-Concession – Coppell, TX

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Custom Multi-User Restroom Facility
Custom restroom and Small Concession Building

The Project

The City of Coppell needed a restroom-concession building for a new park and ballfield, and they needed it to match seamlessly with an existing building on site. They required a restroom facility as well as storage and a concession area for pre-packaged food and beverage sales. The existing building (pictured here) was a stone covered structure, including a chimney and stone columns at a covered entry. It had a historic feel, resembling and old homestead building that one might have seen in the early days in Texas. The restroom-concession building needed to blend with the other facilities and be pleasing to the eye. It needed to be durable, inviting, easy to clean and maintain, with commercial grade appurtenances able to withstand heavy and consistent usage. The concession room had to meet all Texas and local Health Department codes for pre-packaged food sales.

The Solution

Romtec jumped at the opportunity to design a custom building to match the existing structure. They designed a multi-user restroom facility with a small concession room, including a heavy duty roll-up window and stainless steel counter top. Romtec called out a stone to match the existing, older building as closely as possible, and the match came out amazing. Romtec provided a hot-water heater and hand wash sink for the concession area. Romtec used commercial grade fixtures that are also family friendly. The end results were beyond expectations. The buildings flow together seamlessly, as if they were built at the same time. This is a very unique building for Romtec that fulfilled all the requests of their customer, and makes the park and sporting events more enjoyable for everyone.

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