Custom Design Restroom

Restroom-Shower Facility – Lake Tahoe, CA

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Custom Design Aspen Restroom
Custom Designed Restroom Facility
Custom Design Restroom

The Project

The Fallen Leaf Campground in Lake Tahoe California required several buildings for their campground, including a couple of comfort station buildings throughout the campground. As you can imagine, this area gets extremely heavy snowfall in the winters so taking that into account is critical. The campground required a durable structure that would meet the needs of all users, and blend into the beautiful natural environment that is Lake Tahoe. The campground wanted individual rooms that would allow for privacy for one, handicapped access, as well as meeting the needs of families with children. Components and fixtures needed to be commercial grade and family friendly. They needed to be strong and durable, yet easy to clean and maintain. The exterior requirements were to have a durable yet rustic appearance that enhanced the Lake Tahoe environment while meeting the needs of any and all patrons.

The Solution

Romtec designed a custom four-room restroom/shower building that would meet the needs of any potential camper, and designed an exterior with a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Romtec increased the roof pitch to handle the greater snow loads, placed snow diverters above the skylights, and installed an ice-shield underlayment below the teal green roofing. Romtec specified a natural look cedar board and batten siding over a rough granite stone base, harvested from a local quarry. The design specifications ensured it would tie-in beautifully with the natural environment and enhance the Lake Tahoe experience. Each individual room is lockable from the inside and offers a toilet, sink, shower, and bench, meeting the needs of individuals, those requiring assistance, as well as adults with children. Individual rooms with unisex signage offer security and peace of mind for watchful adults with children, increases the capacity of the structure and enhances the flexibility of everyday use. Whether campers at any given time are predominantly men, women or families, the structure can be utilized to its full capacity. The campground was more than pleased that they could meet the needs of campers and offer functionality without sacrificing beauty and doing it all with a look that seems as if it has been there forever and says, “Lake Tahoe” to its guests.

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